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TitanBone Hybridization

The Technology of Toughening Bone

Ethnis is a world in which every advantage can help. Bones with higher strength and greater weight capacity can prove invaluable to Sophonts working in rigorous situations. TitanBone Hybridization is a augmentation process in which a skeletal structure is weaved with titanium alloys. This reinforcement gives bones more resilience to stresses.  

Levels of TitanBone

TitanBone Hybridization can be installed in differing thickness and in different quality metals. Titanium Alloys are the most common metals used, hence the name Titanbone. However other platinum group metals such as Palladium, Platinum, and Chromium can be used as a substitute by request.   Differing amounts of alloys can be used as well, the more Titanium Alloy infused with the bone, the stronger the bone will be. The levels mostly come down to cost, as higher level TitanBone implants can be extremely costly and time-consuming to install.  


Some bodies, especially those suffering from Sathiidism can reject TitanBone implantation without proper genetic manipulation. This rejection can lead the body to attack the bones, leading to complications. Improperly installed TitanBone can decay or splinter in dangerous ways, or even cause poisoning of the blood stream. While most normal individuals can regeneration from TitanBone poisoning, it is still a painful and debilitating effect.

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