Timeline of Eras

The Tremulous Era

Years 0-7168 On their respective worlds, Humanity and the Verin organize into early tribes. Among the Verin the first Sovereign, Kyzan, appears, raised from the dead by a higher force and claiming divinity.

The Crescendo Era

(X000 years ago)   Humans and Verin civilizations grow, Verin have the benefit of Meta, and so grow quickly. The Verin discover the Elements of Meta, establish the Schools, and invent Therianthropy and the Sazashi.  

The Era of Bonds

(X000 years ago)   The Sazashi rediscovers the Earth Index and follows the Wayhall to Earth, where they and Humanity have first contact. At first it’s good, but tensions inevitably build and war erupts. In the end Aempis is forced to wipe out the billions-large population of Mars to end the war, and Earth becomes a protectorate.  

Era of Expansion

(X000 years ago)   Cut along lines of race, geography, and religion, the modern Banners form and expand, seeking out Indices and competing to populate as many planets as possible. Earth liberates itself and falls in step with its Sovereign, the Somnolent  

The Melancholic Lacuna

(1000 years ago)   A dark age triggered by a Banner attempting to hack the WayHall. It’s unclear which Banner did it, but as a security measure the WayHall close all the Waypoints and the Indices self-destruct. The resulting economic crash plunges the Banners into a longer period of war and in-fighting.   Technological advancements are still had at this time, but it is among a landscape of great disparity and a social structure divided along lines of families, gangs, and factions.   The Banners ultimately restore the core systems, known as the Hub, but do not expand further due to economic and political concerns. The colonies are abandoned.  

Era of Reclamation

(Current Era)   The Banners have built back up to their old power, and have butted up against concerns of proximity and overpopulation once more. Now that the 500-year gestation of the colonial terraformation grids has long past those worlds are now rich for populating. Perhaps some colonies have survived, perhaps not. If they have then those worlds may be rife with scientific discovery or potential citizens or soldiers.   One banner sends a colony ship, then another, and then the dam breaks. The second landrush, the Reclamation, has begun.


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