The First Steps

We are survivors, colonizers. We go were anyone else would die, and we thrive. We pave the way for civilization to expand further and further. We are the First Steps.
— First Steps Recruitment Poster
The First Steps is an organized group of prospectors and settlers who operate on a contract basis. They provide the equipment and training to those they send out, and take a small cut of the resulting payment.   The First Steps has its headquarters in The Federation of Free Planets, but lends its service to any Banner who is willing to give them a contract.

Contractor and Training

The First Steps serves the purpose of bringing potential prospecting and settling jobs together with skilled teams of people. They take a small portion of the contract money to fund themselves.   The company, formed by a group of Nasyk tired of digging up prospector jobs, provides its services to any Banner who is seeking a full well-trained party without taking up their own hiring process.  

A mixed reputation

While effective at filling the roles for prospectors and settlers, the reputation of the company is mired with shifty deals and lack of protection for their employees line of work.   Some have come forward to publicly accuse the First Steps of taking huge cuts of the payment owed to the Contractors. While others have noted the companies abandonment of health and life insurance of contractors who passed on duty.   The First Steps have defended their practices saying the increased cut is due to equipment costs and insurance premiums.

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Yeah, First Steps is great if you are just starting, but the first chance you get to find your own gigs, take it. First Steps doesn't always fuck people over but when it does, it is a hard fuck.
— Disgruntled First Step Contractor

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