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Influencing Minds; Winning Hearts; Invoking Terror

There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind.
— Napoleon Bonaparte
  Psychological Operations (PsyOps) are operations conceived and tailored with the purpose of influencing the emotions and operations of a person or persons. They range in scale from the induvidual to the universal.   In modern times, all fields which focus on swaying the opinions of others, be they commercial, private, or military, are considered PsyOps. This encompasses everything from the marketing of a small business to the propaganda machines of the Banners, although most operating on a more domestic scale don't consider themselves a part of the profession.


There are three fields of PsyOps


Commercial PsyOps are targeted tow moving a product or fostering an opinion. They operate through Social Media, barraging the social sphere with advertisements, art, and other interactive media.

Private Interest

Private Interest PsyOps are akin to Commercial PsyOps, but promoting a message or a ideology, such as in politics, religions, or businesses.

Military Ops

Military PsyOps are the most dangerous, both for the Psych and the target(s). It is employed as propaganda, social assassination, and to topple governments.


Dangers & Hazards

In the upper echelons of PsyOps it's prosthelytize or be prosthelytized. Your mind is as much a battlefield as it is a weapon, and you're liable to lose sight of yourself among twisting opinions.   Distinguished PsyOps are also prone to being assassinated or kidnapped and interrogated.  
If you know anything about a good PsyOps, they aren't a good PsyOps
  Rectify. Grenadier. Amplitude. Coefficient. Sixteen. End.
Alternative Names
High. Good psychs are difficult to come by, and few like the lethality which comes in the higher echelons of the career.


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