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Melancholic Eels

Written by Etoilebane

In the Epipelagic Zone of Ayun-Ausralia's oceans, large rainbow scaled eels swim lazily about. As potential predators and tinnies near, it thrashes its tail in an effort to gore its foe.

Brave residents of Ayun-Ausralia found that a carefully placed cable around the eel allows its delibrate pace to pull a tinny about. Steering the fish has proven to be a trying endeavor, with all means short of attempting to implant electrodes directly into the creature's brain proving fruitless. Due to the fish's high methane compostion, this has been ruled 'a really bad idea'.
I like 'em. They don't listen to anyone, go at their own pace and look absolutely amazing in the sunlight. Just like me.
— Bryce Westminster IV, First Prime Minister of Ayun-Ausralia

Basic Information


Long, narrow body; possesses a dorsal fin that runs the length of their body; Hinged jaw, 2 sets of pectoral fins, observed to be used for manuevering; large (3-4 cm) iridescent scales; also possesses a crenellated and spiny tail fin.

Ecology and Habitats

Thrives in a liquid methane/high methane concentration environment

Dietary Needs and Habits

Has sharp, elongated teeth and a hinged jaw. Has not been observed feeding in the Epipelagic Zone, is theorized be a predator for lower oceanic zones.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Flesh is nigh inedible, having a taste described as 'high-quality, fatty tuna that was pickled in gasoline for several weeks' and is eaten mostly as a challenge amongst the locals. The scales of the creature are tough yet flexible and have potential applications for clothing, tinny hulls and other ornamentation. Several live their lives chained to methane tinnies as a crude means of propulsion.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Two pitted, eye like organs. It is theorised that Melancholic Eels navigate through either UV or differences in light reflectivity.
Unknown (Estimated 25-40 years)
Conservation Status
Not Evaluated (NE)
Average Height
Average Length

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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