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Electronic Nanoweave

Written by Barron

I got shot by some asshat kid the other day, tried to put a bullet in my chest.

Felt like someone had forced my entire torso to bend in on itself. Truth of the matter it was just the Nanoweave vest saving my life.

Impact Reactive Cloth

Electronic Nanoweave is a Mecha technology that has been in production since the end of the Advent War. It is a low-grade armor but it is cheap to produce and concealable under most Garb. It can even be directly weaved into many shapes, allowing for stealthy or low-profile protection.


In its first stages, it was designed with smart ballistic fibers attached to an electronic pressure senors. When an impact occured on the armor, the surrounding cloth would contract and tighten like muscle fibers, creating a much more protective seal. It was deployed as an under armor to many serving soldiers but arrived to late to the battlefield to provide any meaningful difference.


As time passed, the concept of Electronic Nanoweave remained in circulation. Improvements to the material used and the heat generated by the armor have allowed it to become stronger, more affordable, and more comfortable. It is now commonly constructed out of reinforced Silkweave, which has a much higher tensile strength than traditional ballistic fibers.


Electronic Nanoweave is used in several low-profile yet dangerous occupations. Vests are often assigned to law enforcement, diplomats, or celeberties, who always have the risk of violence but can not show it.

Electronic Nanoweave is also often used as a subdermal armor layer to traditional armor.


Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 28

Write about the properties of a material which is used for clothing in your world.

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