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Ludological Education

Written by Barron

Ludological Education, more commonly called Gamified learning, is the concept that education is easier done with it is interactive and enjoyable. The Jupiter Syndicate is the only Banner to adopt a system of Ludological Education for the entirety of its education system. While there has been some controversy, the infrastructure and technological marvels of the Syndicate have made it well-suited to implement a gamified educational system.  
Actually get to play games to learn. WTF else do you want?
— Syndicate Student

Competitive Edge

Ludological Education can provide a powerful way to both measure performance and incentivize competition among its students. Most Ludological Education is digital and portable, able to be stored as modules on a CommLink or built into common gaming systems.   Other more in depth games, such as Tactics and Triumphs require prebuilt arenas for their use. In either situation, students are encouraged to place a certain amount of time in the games. Their progress through these educational games directly influences what level of education they are deemed to have.  
I swear if this Aen beats my score one more time.
— Gearheart Student



Many Syndicate parents pull their students out of the organized ludological education, stating that it trivializes hard work and does not prepare them for the real world. Whether or not traditional education versus ludological education makes a difference in attitude and performance has not been able to be definitively proved by science yet.  


As with all games, the issue of cheating in ludological education is always a threat. Anti-cheat measures are in place to avoid common hacks and skipping of levels, but there are many instances of students getting others to fake their ID and play for them. While overtly cheating is a crime, it can be a crime that is hard to enforce.

Common Games

Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games are a popular education program. Be they mystery-solving games, mechanical puzzles, design puzzles, or mathematics.  

Tactics Games

Games used to hone the problem-solving aspect of lives. These can often take the form of military simulations such as Tactics and Triumphs.


Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 25

Describe a major technological breakthrough and the impact it had in your world.

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