Tactics and Triumphs

Written by Barron

You want to test your mettle? Put your hand in the ring and fight it out in Tactics and Triumphs!
— Advertising Brochure


Tactics and Triumphs is a popular military simulation game that found life in the Jupiter Syndicate's Ludological Education system. The game is one of the most popular entries into the Educational system. The gritty concept of controlling a military and attempting to out maneuver your opponent in a room scale battle is tantalizing to most students.  


Tactics and Triumphs is a purchasable physical module that can be placed on the ceiling of any rectangular room. Upon starting a game, players can chose to either fight against an AI or take on another player via local play or the Æthernet.   Upon booting up and choosing paramenters, the room is transformed into a randomly generated battlefield. Teams are assigned and the game can begin. Players build up their resources and military in real time, skirmishing and battling until one team completes their objectives first. Objectives can range from capturing a location, destroying the other teams leader, and holding map points.   At the end of the game, rank points are added to the player profile based on calculated performance.  


Tactics and Triumphs has a series of professional leagues, there are leagues for students, recreation, and professionals. Each league is sponsored by many of the corporations of the Jupiter Syndicate. Some of the worlds brightest tacticians test their mettle in the professional leagues, while the student leagues can often determine extra scholarships or even entry into The Bronze University.

Nothing is more fun that absolutely annihilating some losers in T&T. No one expects my ManuTech rush.
— Student
I've seen actual shoot outs erupt over T&T games, some folks take digital war too seriously.
— League Spectator


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Summer Camp Prompt 26

Write about a popular card, dice or board game in your world and how it is played.

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