Syndicate Argot

Written by Barron

The Syndicate Argot is a way of talking specifically influenced by corporate lifestyle. Much of the language is simple idioms and common practices. It is primarily based on the Ubiq language.  


Acronyms are used in the Syndicate Argot as a way to shorten up longer phrases or speak in secrecy among others who may not be as well performed. Many Syndicate conversations can be spoken with Acronyms alone, sounding more like a code of letters than actual sentences.  
ICYMI, P is PR for Q2. (In case you missed It. The Project is Product Ready for Quarter 2.)
— Syndicate Business Open

Public Masking

Much of the Syndicate Argot is dedicated to masking intentions or to make oneself seem more productive than they might actually be. Productive buzzwords are often part of this lexicon.  
Talking about Convergence, great stuff. Real great stuff. You got that red-line shift going? I'm sure you do. (The bosses came together. Told us to just do the job faster. You believe that?)
— Syndicate Talk

Code Talk

Because of the use of Acronyms and the sheer efficiency that the Syndicate promotes through its culture. Many who have not lived among the Syndicate long can find themselves completely lost by the Syndicate Argot. Shortened phrases and quick idioms can lead to confusion or in fluent speakers cases lead to the ability to have a private conversation in public.  

Example Phrases

Everyday more C's join the ladder. Boss' got a field day with this, we get kicked down.
I swear someone memo's me one more time about CT, I'll flip!
'Cused him of being a Murph in our daily sync. That got him tumbling!


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 15

Describe some common idioms and sayings from a culture in your world.

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