Unification Day

Unification Day celebrates the day in which Akshaya Mahima united the tribes of Distra into one cohesive group. It is celebrated by making foods of other tribes and, if possible, sitting and feasting with members of other tribes and trading food.

Akshaya designed the holiday to convince people to come together and merge their cultures.

What better way to mend differences than over a hot meal?

— Akshaya


Unification day is held on the first day of the wet season. It begins as a fasting which lasts all day from the sunset the night before to the dusk of the the day of. During all this time, everyone in the tribe gets together in a giant cookout and to have their food prepared by dusk. Once the sun begins to dip down over the horizon, eating and festivities begins.

Once everyone has eaten, sporting events, fire dancing, and meta artists begin to occur.


Unification Day has its roots in Ramadan, which many tribes of Distra celebrated in some form, but which drifted from its original form during the Melancholic Lacuna.

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Traditional Plates

There are many traditional dishes on Distra, thanks to its rich culinary history spanning all the way back to India on Earth.

Local tribal varieties on these foods, as well as their fusions from the other cultures which helped to originally settle Distra, make for a broad and eclectic tapestry of tastes and combinations.

Haggis and Biryani... who knew?

— Federation Diplomat

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