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Stun Baton


A commonplace cudgel designed for self-defense. The Stun Baton is a weighted metal rod with electrical current running through the shaft. Lightweight, effective, and concealable, the stun baton finds home in the hands of cut-throats, citizens, and police alike. On a good hit, discharging the electrical current imparts a stunning effect.

A Basic Weapon with a Stun Component. Deals 10 + X Shock and X Blunt Damage on Hit.

Ability: Use a King to discharge the stun, dealing 3 ranks of shock damage on a successful hit.

TypesArmament, Melee
Max Rank20
Enc.1 (Carried) / 1 (Worn)
Rules10 Blunt Damage. 3 Shock Damage with King
Tech CladeMecha
Req. ToolWorkbench
Req. SkillEngineering
Difficulty Mod-2

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