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Hand of Fate

Written by Ademal

Hand of Fate is a tarot-based storytelling game for any number of players. It doesn't have a distinct goal, but the common reward for having a good turn is for someone to buy you a drink. The game ends when people turn in or someone gets alcohol poisoning.


A standard tarot deck is placed in the middle of the group. Everyone who is playing draws a hands of three cards, each called an act. They go around and tell their story in three acts. If their story is good, they are rewarded with food, or alcohol, or whatever else they "wagered".   The point isn't to have a winner, it's to have a good time.  
Bullshit. I won. I told the best story. Everyone laughed, everyone cried, and they bought me so many shots to keep the story going that I don't even remember the second half. I was so bashed I couldn't even tell my own face.   So yes, I won Hand of Fate. My liver lost it though.


Requires one Tarot deck.


Hand of Fate began as a prophetic / fortune telling method used by humanity. To many, it still holds that power, but the Tarot deck overall is considered tightly wound with fate.   The four suits align perfectly with the four Spokes of the Wheel, and the tales told by Hand of Fate seem and feel fully inclusive to the world. For this reason, while most people know how to play Hand of Fate, the correct way to do it is with a reverent air of mysticism.


Author's Notes

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