The Champion

The Keeper of the Cause

Every tale has them: the Champion, the Monarch, the Hierophant, the Tower. The great tales have them twice, once each in the light and the dark, the pro and the con, the agonist and the constructivist.   The Wheel is cyclical, it sees no good or bad. Its language is one of life, but for life to be there must also be death. There is no distinguishing between destruction and construction when they all lead to the same ends.
Mero the Traitor
Of these four the Champion is the trusted protector. It is the force which protects the Monarch and fights for it, demonstrating a courage even the Monarch itself may not have. They are sometimes the protagonist.
Mero the Traitor
  The Champion is the driving force. It stands for the cause, even if the cause is not its own. It is the right-hand-man and the one left standing. It might not be the strongest, or the wisest, or the smartest, but it is the most stubborn.  

The Season of the Champion

Spring is the 1st Quadrant of The Wheel, shown in its top left. It is represented by polished copper and is the season of the Champion.

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Fictional Champions

  • Samwise
  • Luke Skywalker

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