The Hierophant

The Guide, The Mentor, The Speaker

Every tale has them: the Champion, the Monarch, the Hierophant, the Tower. The great tales have them twice, once each in the light and the dark, the pro and the con, the agonist and the constructivist.   The Wheel is cyclical, it sees no good or bad. Its language is one of life, but for life to be there must also be death. There is no distinguishing between destruction and construction when they all lead to the same ends.
Mero the Traitor
Of these four, the Hierophant is either the most villainous or the most heroic, though the story is rarely about him. He is the Guiding Hand, the Curel Conceptualizer. He may not be the great evil or the great good, but you can thank him for it.
Mero the Traitor
  The Hierophant is the mentor, the guide, the figure who is old enough to be wise but young enough to act. The Hierophant is given no fixed age in mythology, but is almost always shown to be aged. Is it they who instills villainy or heroism into The Monarch.   As with all of the Spokes of the Wheel, the Hierophant may not even be a physical being, but a concept which shapes the Monarch and the people, moulding them. It is the Great Fear or the Final Hope.  

The Season of the Hierophant

In Spring we sow, in Autumn we reap. Should the farmer die, the village shall weep. For without food in our bellies, and in our keep, In Winter we'll be sown, six feet deep.
Valdutani poem
  Harvest is the 3rd Quadrant of The Wheel, shown in its bottom right. It is represented by polished brass and is the season of the Hierophant.

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Fictional Hierophants

  • Charon
  • Gandalf
  • Saruman
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Darth Sidious


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