Faur'ridar'ru Fungus

A staple crop native to the Nasyk homeland of Faur'ridar'ru, the Faur'ridar'ru Fungus is a tall and vine-like mushroom that grows in the subnivean zone between the flowing glaciers and the land.

It is one of the few edible species that grow in frigid environments, its high protein count makes it perfect fueling food which can form the basis of cold-weather settlements and colonies. It is common to serve alongside rations, synthetic meats, and Ration Grubs to give extra fulfillment and flavor.

Walking through the sewers of Vorshurr, I could not help but feel impressed. Where there was once flowing sludge and waste, there was now an endless tunnel of soft blue glow, eminated by the small but juicy heads of the Faur'ridar'ru Fungus.

Were this any other planet, it wouldn't have garnered two thoughts. On Saumai, this was a miracle. I'll have to trade for some on the way out.

A Hardy Staple

Faur'ridar'ru Fungus has been part of Sazashi cuisine since its founding during the first expeditions to the Jhoutai mainland. It caught on particularly well in the colder environments to the north, where it grew in the subnivean zones and coral tunnels like a weed.

Nasyk first foraged the fungus when they settled the north. Foraging evolved into cultivation, enabling the Nasyk to create massive sprawling cities beneath the snow and ice of Dar’ru.

In the Banner Era, they are a popular commodity food grown on numerous colonies. With a thriving sub-species industry, there are countless varieties of Faur'ridar'ru Fungus in circulation and buried within the frigid soils of far-away worlds.

Uses Beyond Food

Faur'ridar'ru Fungus has a multitude of medicinal properties, being able to survive in such harsh conditions means strong immunity to environmental effects. It's unique properties make it a popular medicine.

Early in history, the hard Faur'ri Jawbreaker was used to stave off cold and dehydration and provide a boost of pleasant-to-eat vitamins. Modern pharmaceuticals use Faur'ri Fungus derivatives to acheive a multitude of beneficial drugs.

The latest line of Vitality-improving supplements comes straight from the purest Faur'ri Fungus deep in the glaciers of Dar'ru!

Survive like the Nasyk, buy a bottle today!

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Faur'ri Protein Bowl

A commonplace meal consisting of ground Faur'ri Fungus and grilled proteins. High in nutrients, high in sodium.

Faur'ri Jawbreaker

A semi-sweet sucking candy made from Faur'ri spores. Enjoyed by the young, and wielded by the old to stave off dehydration in the cold.


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