Grulland Rinto

Credit to BB13, who was inspired by the Gorillaz to make this character concept.
A Khirmagne who's made it his specialty to find those who are lost. Owner of Dead-End Deliveries.

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Dead End Deliveries

It was a small company, microscopic even. Especially compared to the titans amidst the universe. Supplying the every hunger sophoncy could want. Weapons, clothes, food, shelter, purpose. There was a hunger for everything. Hunger. It was something that featured heavily on Grulland's mind. Not that the Khirmagne was the feral predator he descended from. He did not exist just to eat and hunger, but it didn't stop him from the ever present hunger. It was almost as if food were right in front of him. The scent, the warmth of the bowl in his hand. The wriggling mass of near poisonous soup and maggots-. With a flicker of his eyelids, the gruffly clipped eyebrow spines of his heavy brow raised in pleasant surprise. His broad jaw cracking into a smile, his facial hair a mix of thicker fur and spines.   He had been so engrossed with the latest email it was difficult to focus on food. 'Dead End Deliveries'. His one-ship company. He'd almost named it after himself, but 'Grulland Rinto's Dead people finders' didn't have the same panash. Still, their name, while stylish, often caught them in trouble with those who didn't know. For the company was not a courier service. It was a detective, salvage, and delivery service in one.   The company was so small it was really just him, his ship, and his crew. And eclectic mix of other Khirmagne all suited for the work. And interesting, albeit far-flung, work it was. If there was a dead colony anywhere in the universe, regardless of Banner, you could call DED. They found purpose in finding the failed colonization efforts, salvaging what tech and materials they could, and, perhaps most importantly to the sentimental tough-guy cowboy who ran the operation. They sought closure. Often, the bigger companies and their banners could handle the salvage. Grulland specialized in finding the dead. Finding their personal effects. FInding their families. Finding cemeteries for them. It was depressing, harsh detective work with a side of salvage and adventure. But as bubbling, acidic soup spilled slightly down his chin as he drank from the bowl, he knew it was the life for him.


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