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Bath Houses of Yak'koli

With Pact culture comes bath houses, and Yak'koli is no exception. Whether it's a stall rented in the miner's district for a quick freshening up, a long soak in the mineral baths of the Mariner's district, or a palatial spa experience in the upper city, Yak'koli has a wide variety of baths to experience.

Public Baths

Prismatic Falls
Expo, Thon

Steps of pools each waterfalling down into the next, causing the bright interior to mist and create rainbows that refract beautifully across the walls of polished shell fossils.

University Showers
Yak'koli University, Thar

Mariner's Lockers
Fallen Chandelier, Thar

Catering mostly to the sailors and mariners of the undersea, these public lockers are notoriously noisy, humid, and cramped. Their clientele rarely consists of tourists, but mariners swear by it as an oasis.

Private Baths

Crystal Pools
Fallen Chandelier, Thar
Geode Grotto
Fissure Hollow, Thar


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