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Fthast Throat Singing

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Throat singing is a fthast tradition of community activity. Throat singing is the practice of singing while seeming to produce two different pitches at a time. For the fthast, this comes with a guttural tone, and is generally accompanied by drums, and mellodic stomping and clapping, alongside the person singing.
Songs performed this way are generally monophonic, but this is not always the case.

A Collaborative Art

To achieve the full experience of a fthast song, there are many different people required. Typically, two people will be performing the singing, as well as making additional sounds with their antennae to add to the song. Two to three people will play drums or other instruments alongside the singing, while the audience surrounding the performers will typically stomp or clap along with the beat.


Fthastyr enjoy throat singing as a way to connect with one another, and will often perform throat singing when taking part in large gatherings. It is not so much about the act of the singing itself, as much as it is the connection with one's community and the gathering of groups for a sense of togetherness. Many fthastyr may choose to throat sing on their own as a hobby, or with their friends.


There are many competitions the fthastyr will hold regarding throat singing. Often these accompany usual fthast holidays or celebrations, but can also occur spontaneously.
The most experienced throat singers of the community, typically the winners from the last competition, become judges. They will listen to anyone who wishes to perform, and evaluate them on their techniques and enthusiasm.
Fthast communities will typically have two to three throat singing competitions a year, though they can have many more than this if people are willing.


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