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Eelkelp Chariot

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Eelkelp chariots are vehicles used in the kelp forests, both for transportation and for eelkelp races, by the kelpen kuuyikar living in the region. They are also often decorated as passion projects and a form of self-expression for the kuuyikar who use them, and many will create their own. To the kelpen kuuyikar, making one's own eelkelp chariot is considered a coming-of-age ritual, celebrated through eel gifting.
These chariots are made from the different kelps found in the area. The process of making them can be fairly complicated, as it requires finding a way to heat and dry the kelp in order to shape it, which can be a difficult task to do underwater. Once the chariot has been formed, and has passed the required tests for structural stability, it can be decorated with other fauna found in the region, though glitterkelp tinsel is particularly popular. Eelkelp chariots intended for racing are often more streamlined in shape, and have less decorations so as to reduce drag.
Larger chariots can be and are often used as a form of transportation between the cities of the kelp forests. At their largest, eelkelp chariots pulled by 6 eels can carry up to 10 people. These larger chariots can be used for travelling longer distances, though are used sparingly due to the amount of effort required by the eels to pull these heavier weights. Some, to solve this issue, have included mechanical sources of lift and thrust, allowing for longer travels over further distances. However, others still take issue with this, thinking of it as a perversion of the original traditions of what eelkelp chariots are supposed to be.
Aaand coming around the corner is Flows-like-River, those are some well trained eels right there. Oh, but what's this? Speaks-like-Currents is catching up behind them, this will be a close race for sure!
— Announcer for an eelkep race
Common in kelp forests; rare elsewhere
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Typically 1 or 2; larger sizes possible


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I love that it's sort of a coming-of-age tradition to make an eelkelp chariot. The racing sounds fun.

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