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Glitterkelp Tinsel

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Glitterkelp tinsel is a decorative material that can be made from glitterkelp. It is popular in the kelp forests for decorating eelkelp chariots, and has also been brought elsewhere by travelling traders.


Material Characteristics

Glitterkelp tinsel is a silvery blue-green colour, though a bit less bright and saturated than the plant itself. Its primary notable characteristic is its glittery appearance, as the patterns on the plant give it a sparkling appearance. The plant's leaves are entirely flat, but is stippled and highly reflective, giving it a glitter-like appearance that is especially effective underwater. The tinsel can be short or it can be very long, though longer lengths of glitterkelp tinsel are easier to break or tear. It can be reinforced with other materials, and most often has a twine or rope core.
Slightly salty/oceanic
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Glitterkelp tinsel can be made with three things: glitterkelp leaves, some kind of rope, string, or twine, and a simple adhesive that words underwater. The leaves must be dried before they can be used to make the tinsel. The tinself is made by taking the smallest of the glitterkelp leaves, and/or trimming the larger ones to be smaller in appearance, and then attaching them to the core of rope-like material in a layered and spiraling pattern. Done successfully, the rope at its centre should not be visible, covered entirely by glitterkelp leaves.


Glitterkelp tinsel is used as a common decoration in the kelp forests, by the kelpen kuuyikar who live there. It can be used to decorate the chariots that they use for transportation, as well as decorations around the home.


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I would decorate everything with tinsel.

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