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The dewberry plant is a bush native to the dewdrop peaks. Its juicy berries are a common treat to pick and eat among the angels native to the biome, and they can be candied to make a sweet and hard bite-sized food that is popular with tourists. However, the plant does have some unique properties that the angels tend to forget to disclose to their visitors - properties which tend to get tourists in trouble.


Dewberry bushes grow in a fan-like shape, appearing wide from one angle and thin from another. Its branches are thin and almost seem as though they shouldn't be able to support the plant's leaves and flowers. Its leaves are large and round, dropping down on both sides of the plant's branches. Its flowers have dozens of thin petals, which range in colour between pastel purples, pinks, and blues.
One flower can have multiple different coloured petals, and there is generally no pattern to the colours. These flowers, about an inch in diameter, eventually sprout dewberries, which are small, clear, aggregate berries that grow in clusters. These berries are sweet and slightly bitter, and incredibly juicy. When cooked, the bitterness is undetectable, making them much sweeter - almost too sweet, for some.
Geographic Distribution

Special Properties

A little known fact to outsiders to the peaks, the berries from dewberry bushes have slight hallucinogenic properties to them. To the angels, this only increases their appeal, and they see it as bringing out their creative spirits. However, tourists often do not fully understand this when they purchase the sweet-looking berries. This has resulted in more than a few mishaps - much to the amusement of the angels.


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