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Cloud Mushroom

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The cloud mushroom is a fungal species growing on the undersides of the floating islands of the dewdrop peaks. Used in food dishes such as cloud mushroom stew or paired with other food choices such as barknoodles, these mushrooms are a staple of angel cuisine. They get their name from their somewhat cloud-like appearance, and are said to grow near lyathos deposits - hence their common presence underneath the floating islands. They are decomposers, but their complex and wide-spreading root systems also keep the soil of the floating islands together, helping to slow erosion.


Cloud mushrooms are puffy and a creamy, off-white colour. They reproduce through the use of spores, which are attracted to the presence of lyathos crystals, so will typically find purchase on a nearby floating island. The species, when harvested at the correct point, has a firm but slightly watery interior. However, if the species has been growing for too long, cutting into it will cause the release of thousands of dry, poofy spores that get everywhere, and if inhaled, can be incredibly dangerous. If they attach to the esophogus, rather than reaching the stomach acids further down, they will begin to grow and block airways. As such, it is not recommended to try to harvest these mushrooms without the proper protective equipment, and even then, it is highly recommended to leave their harvesting to experts who know what they are doing. The fungus will sprout around 3-4 mushroom caps at a time from one root system, which will regrow when one is removed.
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