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Cave Lion

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Cave lions are a species of felines living within the wandering tunnels. They have the capacity to be domesticated, but this has not occured on a large scale due to the species' psychological needs to have social connections with more of its own.


Cave lions are small, only around a foot tall - though males tend to grow slightly taller than average. Their fur is shades of grey, and their pupils are capable of rapidly dialating or contracting to control the amount of light they can let in. Males of the species have large manes around their faces and necks. Older theories have posited that the mane served as a shield for the cave lion's head and neck when two fought, but more recent knowledge seems to indicate that the mane is purely aesthetic, to show off to potential mates.

Dietary Needs & Habits

The primary prey of the cave lions is the tunnelbird, though it has been known to occasionally catch an aurashrike. Because of its dexterity and strong jumping ability, it is able to catch birds in flight right from the air. Cave lions are obligate carnivores, and non-meat food has no nutritional value to them - and sometimes can even make them very sick.

Behaviour & Psychology

Cave lions gather in large packs - the collective noun to refer to them being an honour of cave lions. These packs are tight-knit groups, in which each member is fiercely protective of the rest - especially where chilren are concerned. These packs are typically have a maximum of two or three males, and most of the honour is related biologically.
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