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Bringer of Knowledge

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The Bringer of Knowledge is the leader of a group of Keepers. They are responsible for collective decisions regarding the community, including who to allow to join their ranks. They contain all of the collective knowledge of that community of Keepers, bestowing it upon those determined worthy through a process known as Awakening.
As a Bringer of Knowledge, one must be well-versed in the magic regarding the transferral, replication, and storage of memories, as well as being mentally capable of keeping track of all of the community's knowledge.
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In order to become the Bringer of Knowledge, one must demonstrate a complete and absolute dedication to the community, and a contribution to the body of knowledge. A prospective Bringer of Knowledge must show immense intelligence, a mastery of magic, and a great care for their community.
They also must be well-liked within their community; as the role is a vote from the entire community, they must be someone who is trusted and cared for among their people


When a Bringer of Knowledge is elected, the previous Bringer of Knowledge shares all of their knowledge with that person. Following that, each of the members of the community will share their knowledge with the new Bringer of Knowledge, ensuring that they have a complete understanding of the information shared across this community. As this often results in many duplicate memories, the new Bringer of Knowledge then spends the next few days meditating and sorting through their mind, erasing any duplicate memories or peices of information. At which point, assuming they are still sane from the immense amount of magic and strength of mind that they had to use, the title transitions to them.

Length of Term

Typically, the Bringer of Knowledge stays in their position for three years. Any time beyond this, they risk inssanity. If the community loses faith in their Bringer of Knowledge, they may vote once monthy to remove them from their position. If this vote passes with a 60% majority or higher, a new Bringer of Knowledge is elected.
If a Bringer of Knowledge dies while in their position, a new one is also elected. The same ceremony occurs as though the previous one had simply reached the end of their term, the only difference being that the old Bringer of Knowledge is unable to present the new one with their knowledge.


The Bringer of Knowledge is responsible for settling disputed between members of the community, keeping track of the community's body of knowledge, making decisions as to which outsiders are able to join, determining is a person is ready to become Awakened, and performing the Awakening ritual.


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