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The Estian empire once spanned the entire continent, and while the empire and since been divided and the Estian empire much reduced, the continent as a whole is still typically referred to as Estia.


Origins & History

The Estian empire originated in the south-west of the continent south of the Jůthroûw mountain range with the capital city and acclaimed fortress of Talsila. During the Age of Chaos, the dwarves who dwell in the mountain range along Estia's border diverted a critical river that flowed from the mountains into the southern lands. The diversion destroyed relations between the elven country and the dwarven undermountain settlements, but there was little the Estians could do about it given the Dwarves strength and protection in the mountains. As the southern lands began to dry up and turn to dust, the elves migrated and settled north of the mountain range. To avoid losing their connection with the homeland, Estian Kings redrew borders and claimed large swaths of land as their own, triggering immediate backlash from neighboring nations.


Once king Ulron Minyan got a taste for conquering other nations and found he was quite good at it, the elves domain quickly spread across the west half of the continent. Within a few decades they laid claim to everything from the Nänem mountains to the south sea, and the capitol had been moved to Arantalduin as part of a treaty that folded in another elven nation into Estia.


The final campaigns to conquer the east took another few decades, and the final assimilation of the region now known as Escar triggered the beginning of a new age, the Age of Kings.


Estia maintained several dynastic periods and about two thousand years of control of the continent, finally dissolving after a series of poor decisions and horrific infighting amongst the family members of the Illimyra. After the kings disbanded and fled into hiding, The Royal Army took control until order could be re-established. Today, The Royal Army still maintains control of Estia and it's capitol waiting for the return of an Estian King of Illimyran descent to take the throne.


Political Climate

Military officers do not make the best politicians. In fact, they refuse it altogether and only participate in matters of defense and diplomacy. No new laws have been enacted or repealed since the last Estian King, leading The Royal Army to be steadfast in enforcing laws from a thousand years ago. This has led to some conflict and stifling of the growth of the nation, and rampant growth in other areas. But the ability in The Royal Army to defend the nation's borders has made Estia one of the safest places to live, and so despite the antiquated laws many peoples find themselves content with the situation.


The Royal Army does not recognize any other nations on the continent, instead referring to them as provinces and allowing them maintain their own military force. "Provinces" that do not accept a treaty with The Royal Army are considered in rebellion, and face conflict with the once great nation, but The Royal Army is usually too busy defending and maintaining it's current borders to deal with rebellious "provinces" on the other side of the continent.


Industry & Trade


Arantalduin is a massive hub of trade with one of the largest ports on the continent. It located on a well-protected bay where a major inland river meats the ocean. Being on the west coast within reasonable shipping distances to Koljorn and nations further south means the country has no problem profiting off of trade and shipping.


The Military Machine

Much of Estia's economy today is centralized around the military. Estia boasts some of the most skilled blacksmiths, and they import large amounts of smelted metals for making armor and weapons. Taxes on trade and the people support large barracks for training and maintaining a much larger force than the small country needs.



Estia's richest resource is in its soil. The farmlands in the plains support a strong agricultural yield each year with major crops of wheat, hops, corn and potatoes. Harvest season is typically followed by a bounty of festivals celebrating the bounty of the lands, and whatever isn't consumed or stored by the nation is exported to Koljorn for additional income.
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Minyan Dynasty

0 188

  • 0 AoK

    188 AoK

    Reign of Ulrond Minyan
    Political event

    Ulrond Minyan, the First and Only of his name, The conquerer of Estia and the whole first Dynasty of the Elves. The age began with his second coronation, following the final unification of the Estian continent, and he ruled for nearly 200 years.

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Illimyran Dynasty

1690 3003

  • 1690 AoK

    1765 AoK

    Reign of Johel Illimyra
    Political event

    Johel Illimyra was crowned King of Estia in 1690 AoK, following his conquering of King Ayduin Elastra. Johel reigned for less than a hundred years before falling to withering at the age of 601.

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    Johel Illimyra
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  • 1765 AoK

    2982 AoK

    Reign of Aeron Illimyra
    Political event

    Aeron Illimyra was crowned King of Estia in 1765 AoK, and reigned for over a thousand years until he was killed by his grandson Anscoul Illimyra in 2982 AoK.

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    Aeron Illimyra
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  • 2982 AoK

    2994 AoK

    Reign of Anscoul Illimyra
    Political event

    Anscoul Illimyra was crowned King of Estia in 2982 following a campaign he led that slaughtered nearly all the royal family including his grandfather, King Aeron Illimyra. He reigned for 12 short years before dying from a wound he had obtained in his campaign for the throne, leaving his ten sons as equal heirs.

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    Anscoul Illimyra
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  • 2994 AoK

    3003 AoK

    Crown of 10

    Jikael Illimyra, Donan Illimyra, Turial Illimyra, Jakuel Illimyra, Stoen Illimyra, Dagan Illimyra, Allore Illimyra, Ewann Illimyra, Gwendal Illimyra and Mael Illimyra were each crowned King of Estia in 1994 AoK. After 9 years, the disputes among the kings drew first blood in what became known as The War of the Kings. These were the last to be crowned Kings of Estia.


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