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The Capitol

The formal name for the city is Arantalduin, however it has long been known simply as The Capitol. Even after the fall of the Estian kings, the city remained known as such.


The Capitol is a hub of trade and tradition. Stepping into the city is like stepping back in time, as it has been meticulously maintained and preserved over the last thousand years.


City Districts

The Capitol is loosely divided into districts, each district having some locational advantage or purpose.  

Common Docks

One of three dock areas, the Common Docks are a hub for traders and travellers. By far the busiest of the three dock areas and also the most crowded this is where you'll find merchants, traders, foreignors and lots of local shops and taverns. There is also a large market plaza near the river full of goods both local and foreign that acts as large trading hub.  

King's Docks

The second of the three dock areas is the King's Docks, being primarily for military transport and use as well as official business. Ambassadors and prisoners alike will pass through these docks as well as shipments for the Royal Army. As a heavily guarded area this district also serves purposes of justice and jails.  

Spirit Docks

The final of the three dock areas is the Spirit Docks. These dock's are not within the city walls, and officially the docks are meant to send out large shipments of grains from the local areas as well as receive imported goods meant for local farmers. The Spirit Docks are definitely a lesser populated and more relaxed dock area though, making them prime targets for smuggling.  


Westwren refers to a large area outside the city walls as well as an area around The Royal Army Plaza. This district is primarily used by The Royal Army, and as such holds training grounds, barracks, stables, warehouses and taverns. The Westwren gate is also typically reserved for soldiers and military purposes with citizens preferring the more northern west gate near the King's Docks.  


Soulwren is a middle-class area, known for it's churches, rooftop terraces, pleasant and hardworking people and good sensibilities. Much of the area is made up of guild workers, shop owners and locals who have some success of craft or sale. Besides the bells of various churches, the district is pretty quiet and very low crime much of the time.  


Kingskin is an area of upper class wealth surrounding the citadel. Nobles not quite rich enough for the citadel, wealthier merchants, academy professors, students and influential people make up the majority of Kingskin. The local places to eat, shop and inns also reflect this increase in wealth and influence.  


Eastwren is decidedly lower class, with the more southern areas being slums. The crime is higher here, and shady folks blend in more easily with the crowds in this more densely populated district. The taverns are cheaper and rougher, and parts of the district are run by small criminal organizations. While The Royal Army patrols the whole city, getting stuck with "East Duty" is considered a punishment and so patrols are lazy or shirked.  


Smokebridge district is heavily influenced by forging, smithing and other crafts necessary to maintain a major local military. Shipments of coal and ores are often brought in via the south by river, and so Smokebridge has it's own small dock area on the river. A blacker, heavier smoke rises from the forgers, smelters and smitheries here, giving the district it's name and a metallic smokey smell and... aftertaste.


There is no political ruling class within Estia. Instead it is a straight military state with the highest ranking Royal Army General's presiding over all matters of diplomacy, justice and rule. However what most governing bodies have that the Royal Army lacks is a legislative power. The Royal Army feels it is their job to uphold the law and maintain order however the creation, amendment or adjustments of the law are not for them but instead for a monarch. However since there hasn't been a monarch in Estia since the 10 sons of Anscoul, the laws have sat stale for over a thousand years. In some ways this has stifled the growth of the city, but it has also provided the city stability.


The city is extremely well defended. A wall surrounds more than three quarters of the city with manned towers every few hundred feet. The city has three manned gates with iron portcullis blockaides. The towers on either sides of the river are equipped with chains that can be pull taught and thwart just about any boat coming through. The docks are by far the weakest point in the city's defenses, and so the defenses here are mainly offenses. The Royal Army patrols the docks to prevent smuggling and maintains a small navy in the bay to protect the city from incoming fleets. The towers nearest the bay are also fitted with a half a dozen cannons each, intended to be able to shred and sink any enemy boats before they reach the docs.   Additionally, many of the city's male citizens are or have been soldiers for the Royal Army, and so are well trained fighters.

Industry & Trade

The land surrounding the city is generally very fertile, making the Capitol's main exports grains and animal products to more northern territories. The Capitol in general is known for the local hops harvests and it's mass beer consumption.


The other major industry The Capitol is known for is smithing, as a default necessity of having a large local army is armor, weaponry, cannons, etc.


While the city and surrounding countryside of Estia do not forbid or look down on magic, it is generally very reserved due to severe punishments for property destruction. As a result there aren't many shops that delve in magic due to it's... explosive... nature.


Surrounding The Capitol is mostly hills and plains with some spots of lakes and forests.


  • The Capitol
    The formal name for the city is Arantalduin, however it has long been known simply as the Capitol. Even after the fall of the Estian kings, the city remained known as such.
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