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City of Zariya

Shimmering lighthouse in the distant atop a cliff facing the ocean. Lo how I miss the ivory shores of Zariya. -Author unknown

The Founding of Zariya City:

Became a ruin during the Night of Sorrows event. Reclaimed by brigands the founding group were refugees freed from a Hallowed Man by the Chaos Crew   After the events of the Day of Retribution the refugees refounded the City of Zariya.   Today it serves as one of the worlds most busiest ports.

Locations within Zariya City:


The Verdant Markets:

Down Ridge-way Road you can find the vast assortment of vendors and bazaars that line the streets of Zariya City. Who knows what items you may stumble upon.  

The Ivory Shores:

White sand beaches lined with seashells.  

The Maincliff Lighthouse:

The largest lighthouse in Eserine. Shimmers brightly for miles guiding sailors back home.  

The Grand Fisher-mans Market:

Home to many fishmongers. Be sure to ask about the catch of the day. Fresh fish year round.  

The Spice Mills:

A smell of spices wafts through the air as you walk the streets of Zariya. Spices being ground in the mills lend to this unique Atmosphere.  

The Shining Silver Bar:

Owned by Master Tavernkeep Glais Featherbow. Best known for its unique use of spices in its meals. Be sure to ask about the Chefs Special. A lovingly hand crafted meal of spiced Rabbit. Also serves as a base for Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries  

The Alabastor Tower:

The cities central tower fashioned after the The Tower of Avera  Tall white tower central to the city. Seat to the Council of Four Points.


  • Humans 50%
  • Elves 15%
  • Dragonborn 15%
  • Other 30%


The Council of Four Points: Each of the cities guilds have a voice in the cities goings ons.


Stone walls and towers.

Industry & Trade

Port of passage and trade. Various spices are grown in the fields outside the city. Fish mongers line the marketplace.


  • Tall Towers
  • Watermills
  • Public Sewage
  • Indoor Plumbing
  • Bath-houses
  • Shipyards
  • Homes fashioned out of White Sandstone. 

Guilds and Factions

  • Fisherman's Guild
  • Spicemongers Guild
  • Stone Masons Guild
  • Merchants Guild


  • Oceanic Port 
  • Flat lands
  • Hills


  • Balmy and breezy
  • Temperate 
  • Winters are warm and short
  • Occasional Typhoon and Tropical Storm

Natural Resources

  • Fire spice fields
  • Major Fishing Enterprises
  • White Sandstone
by Inkarnate-MarkusErend
Founding Date
1090 AC (refounded)
Alternative Name(s)
The Ivory City
Inhabitant Demonym
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