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The Tower of Avera

The Tower of Avera serves as the major landmark of Avera, Seen from all points of the city, it tall bricks towering over all. The watchful gaze of the cities protector and leader seeing all. - Avera Travel Guide Page 12

Purpose / Function

Serves as the seat of power for Xanathar aka Xan  It serves both as a watch tower being able to view the city from atop its high windows and home to various organization heads.    The top of the tower serves as Xan's home and vault where he keeps many of his magical items.    The bottom of the tower serves as the Main City Hall for Avera    The basement serves as the home of the Thieves Guild Hall for The Many


Some time during the waning years of Avera, the Tower began to be utilized as the main city hall. Housing various guilds, Organizations and factions.


Towering Height of five hundred feet. White stone inlayed with powerful Magical Runes.


  • Powerful Magical Wards
  • The Eye of Avera
  • Arcane Cannons
  • Magically Fortified Stone.


Construction finished on the Tower in 750 AFC. Soon after the Wind Genie Xanathar aka Xan was bound to the city and the tower to serve as its protector and leader.


  • Upper floors not open to the public. 
  • City Hall gives regular tours of its base halls.
Tower of Avera
by Image by Colleen ODell from Pixabay
Founding Date
750 AFC
Tower, Mage


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