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Night of Sorrows

"A great fiery death came unto this world. Who are we to stand against the might of an angry God. May your soul be free in the next life. I fear this will be the last time I write you."- "Letter to Mira" Unknown Author
Detanes Lament 1085 AC
    A great cataclysmic event that changed the landscape of the world and destroyed many of its denizens. Tharasdun the elder God of Chaos was released from his prison and he unleashed a wave of shadowy fire that engulfed the world.    

Death Totals:

  The exact total of the dead is unknown. The estimate is that nearly 70% of all life in Eserine perished within an instant.

Affects of the Shadow Flare fire:

Cities burnt and bodies disintegrated painfully in a fiery demise.
Date of First Recording
Detanes Lament (November 16, 1085 AC)
Date of Setting
Detanes Lament (November 16, 1085 AC)


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