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Wayward Saga The story of R.I.S.E.

Yerila, 442 PTE

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Erlyse Ever since it coalesced into a single entity, there have been places of power beyond its denizen's comprehension. Origin points of cosmic and earthly forces, spread throughout the realm by a grid known as the Ley. These locations were seemingly random, and relocated themselves at the whims of the world’s ever changing surface and the deeper spans where everything was in turmoil. However, the planet eventually calmed, and life sprung forth, evolving and adapting to the still moderately chaotic forces of the universe and its home. For the majority of sentient life, the various races lived day to day in ignorance of the vast energies that await the lucky and the bold, just ripe for use or abuse. History never recorded when exactly the first Focus was found, but lore and legend kept the story of the individual who found it intact throughout the next few millennia. Accounts were spotty at best, and no one culture’s account was seen as truth, as each had various iterations of the tale.
Recently, however, there has been an increasing number of discoveries of these Fonts, and vast power has been ending up in the hands of mortal beings of both the worthy and reckless alike. It started as a trickle at first, but it feels like someone else encounters a new Ley focus every couple of years. This has resulted in the appearance of a now exceedingly influential, world spanning guild known as R.I.S.E., the Reticent Independent Society of the Empowered, who have been established to identify, track and document all individuals who have been permanently altered by the discovery of one of the Fonts of Power or by events caused or actions taken by one of Fate’s Chosen.
This guild, while extremely secretive about their true motives and what they really know about existence, have earned the trust and support of many great nations and the fandom of the populations throughout their borders by employing numerous individuals as a form of peacekeeping force. Heroes, most are called. Unbeholden to any one nation, the agents of R.I.S.E. serve to combat the machinations of other empowered individuals who have an axe to grind against society or have malevolent ambitions. All powered individuals, hero, villain, and anyone in between, are given a special moniker to identify them by, observed by R.I.S.E. from the shadows, as well as placed into an annual almanac which places them in various classes of ability and threat levels to assist governments around the globe to help request the correct help if combating a threat to their rule or lives of their citizens.
It is in this setting that a unique individual, a young woman named Sabira, is suddenly thrust into the spotlight when her world changes from a fateful event where she encounters a being with unlimited power, and is merged with the entity, while being hunted for a mysterious reason by a group of would-be assassins. Now having gone from an average life to becoming one of the most powerful people on the planet, Sabira must learn her place in a whole new society and culture most in the world can only ever dream of. Who will she meet along her path, and what kind of person will she become now that everything she could ever ask for is merely a snap of her fingers away?