One of the oldest Northland clans, the Sunderwolf, chose to leave the Warlord’s Alliance when the Oakhammer and their leader Ragnar Stormbearer ascended to Warlord. Uncompromising their ideal of serving nature while growing as a people, the Sunderwolf seek to find a balance between preserving the wilds and allowing compromising civilization to thrive.
To be a Sunderwolf is to adhere to tradition. For many, the unyielding landscape of the North defines the grit needed to keep their bellies full and earn a living in their trade of choice. Small Sunderwolf clans dot the Northlands and the Frigid coasts, all looked after by a Seidr - messengers of the spirits.   Seidr are said to be chosen by a Primal Deity, their spirits entwined in harmony. The Primal Deities acts as a guide for individual Sunderwolf clans, sharing wisdom when necessary. In return, the Primal Deity learns from the Seidr, using the Seidr as mortal eyes. Here, the Primal can preserve their ancient homelands with the Sunderwolf’s aid while allowing Al’Madoon’s children to prosper.   Seidr who lead larger Sunderwolf clans, may earn the title of Chanter and gain admittance to the Mistglade Council. Currently, four Seidr sit on the Council, their teaching passed down to smaller clans. Once every 3rd fortnight, the Mistglade Council convene in the Trance thanks to their spiritual connection with the Waelan, a dreamlike state used to safely converse over long distances.

Current Mistglade Council


Sunderwolf Outposts

Often found in easy to spot locations with a flag flown high, these Warlike bunkers made of Timberwood and iron serve as a reminder to travelers in the region. Sunderwolf members frequently travel from outpost to outpost, vigilantly patrolling the area to aid those in need. Terror will fall upon anyone who takes from the land without regard. The Sunderwolf are watching.


A Sunderwolf's idea of justice deprives from their clans Caelian roots. Relatively few actions are considered crimes outside of heinous acts such as theft, dishonoring someone's name, or failing to follow the Tenets. If a Sunderwolf is accused of a minor act, the populace will quickly forgive or fail to notice after punishment has concluded.   Questioning a Sunderwolf's honor, accusing them of cowardice, or falsely claiming credit for heroic deeds is an egregious offense. Sometimes these offenses are the result of drunken nights around the fire and laughed off after a brawl and apology, but often with neighboring factions or non Northlanders, bloodshed is the only solution—a scar to remember their failure and learn from their mistake.

Great Feasts

While consisting mainly of Barbarians, Druids, Rangers, and Shamans, the Sunderwolf welcome all who wish to take up their cause. Providing hospitality to honorable guests is considered a joyous obligation for any Sunderwolf. A warm hearth and a hearty meal offer relief from the dangerous wilderness.   If the visitor is of exceptional quality or the guest arrives around a holiday, sumptuous feasts and community gatherings bind the Sunderwolf with discussions of world events, gossip, and the occasional fistfight.


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Founding Date
311 EoBO
Geopolitical, Clan
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Sunderwolf Tenets

  • Never waste natural resources. Everything has a purpose and to waste ones purpose is unforgivable.
  • Understand how to serve nature while progressing ones well being. Balancing the two marks a true Sunderwolf.
  • Strive everyday to reach your peak but never hunt without aim.
  • Take everything from those who threaten the clan. Lessons learned in blood leave scars as a reminder.

Sunderwolf Outpost

by Fang Chuan

Cover image: by J.C. Machin


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