My WorldEmber Pledge 2022


After some rough times with mostly sad family events, it is time to get things back on track again, and the next challenge is to participate in "World Ember 2022". After the short, no, very short participation in the summer camp 2022 I am eager to write.

So. What's the plan? well worldanvil might suggest a "Mini-Meta"...


It all starts with answering these questions:

If you have more than one world setting, which one is the most important to you right now? Why?

I have given this much thought, would I want to go Full Fantasy, High magic? low magic? technology? a mix?
I actually want to try a full mix, but while I develop that on paper it is something for later.

Thus, I choose the high-tech world as my main world to work on. Although I like every aspect and connection (I have made on paper) to the past (Atlantis, Café Noir worlds) and such, I have decided to keep it in one world for now. I need to focus to get actually things done.

Which area of that world setting will allow you to achieve your goals (Continuing your novel/campaign or starting a new one).
How will it help you achieve those goals?

I need to flesh out several technical details on how things work, i need to add characters and descriptions to every planet, organization, and governmental body. I also need to establish a storyline for one or two significant characters, and I need to create some maps to create a more consistent base to work from.

Adding these elements and fleshing them out will help me reach my goal for this year, which is having fun, participating in World Ember 2022.

Thank you for reading.


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