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The Esper Front

The Esper Front was founded in 6652QE by members of Centurion's military displeased with the leadership's perceived 'lax attitude' towards extraplanar threats. It has since grown to be a fighting force known throughout Prenalia and the outer planes for its surgical, merciless, and relentless defense of Enos against both extra- and intraplanar threats.  


The organization recruits regularly among the destitute and downtrodden, either preying on their vulnerability or giving them a path from poverty, depending on the viewpoint. They recruit primarily out of Centurion, though they are known to have recruitment offices in many major cities across Prenalia. Due to their strict codes and military discipline, they even have recruitment offices in a few cities in Arnast.  
City Name Grand Alliance Subdivision
Centurion Fraisia Nurik
T'vathi Ithrondil Fraisia Isilii
Dynwyth's Hold Independent Ephistius
Senzhoritsu Independent Avaritia
Runtoyek Arnast Afithis
Malma Arnast Magdin
Khudansk Gravis Elken
Ardencourt Gravis Boltere

Organizational Structure

The Esperites maintain two divisions - an Exterior Front that deals with threats to Enos from outside the planar borders, and an Interior Front that handles threats that have already taken root in Enos. Each is led by a separate leader, though they often coordinate with one another, and each leader has further structure under that. The leader of Centurion (and the de facto leader of the Fraisian Grand Alliance) Primex Vedmar Madrogal technically has control of the Front by way of their founding charter, but never once has exercised any power over the organization, nor shown any interest in their activity, outside of funding roughly a third of their operations.  

The Exterior Front

This extraplanar wing of The Esper Front is led by a battle-hardened, tough-as-nails dwarf, Paladin Overmost Daphne Steelheart. She's been in the order as long as anyone can remember, and runs a tight ship. Though she mostly rides a desk in her twilight years, she does go on assignment at least once per year with a stated goal of "makin' sure my time isn't up just yet."   The Exterior Front has seen several high-profile cases in recent years, defending against demonic incursions from The Red Sands, protecting against cosmic horrors spilling from The Rending Scar, as well as all-out skirmishes in The Grey against legions of lonely, lost, and angry souls.  

The Interior Front

The intraplanar wing of the Esper Front is led by the tiefling Strife. They are a formidable force on the battlefield, and even more sinister off it. Known for their ruthless, well-executed plans, they have kept several horrifying potential calamities from ever having a chance to take root.   The Interior Front's most high-profile cases almost always involve some kind of fundamental failure on their part. Interior prefers to stay behind the scenes and handle events before they can metastasize to a problem. However, in the event they do, there are always those scribes and inquisitors that are well-trained and equipped to handle any situation, no matter how bleak.  


Each division of the Esper Front has five ranks each of enlisted and officers. The enlisted are those rank-and-file that serve on the front-lines in some capacity. The officers, while sometimes promoted from enlisted, more often are recruits that have been selected and trained specifically because of their potential to lead. Adventurers, paladins of various faiths, and others make of the officer corps of each Front. The Primex of Centurion, currently Primex Vedmar Madrogal, commands the entirety of the Esper Front, though his authority has not been exercised once in the entire history of the organization, and is seen largely as ornamental.  
Rank Exterior Front Abbr. Interior Front Abbr.
Enlisted I Knight Aspirant KAS Scribe Aspirant SAS
Enlisted II Knight Guardian KGR Scribe Guardian SGR
Enlisted III Knight Lancer KLA Scribe Lancer SLA
Enlisted IV Knight Sentinel KSN Scribe Sentinel SSN
Enlisted V Knight Paragon KPA Scribe Paragon SPA
Officer I Paladin Sergeant PSG Inquisitor Sergeant ISG
Officer II Paladin Captain PCA Inquisitor Captain ICA
Officer III Paladin Commander PCO Inquisitor Commander ICO
Officer IV Paladin General PGN Inquisitor General IGN
Officer V Paladin Overmost POV Inquisitor Overmost IOV
Leader Primex PMX Primex PMX

Breakdown of Esper Ranks

Exterior Front
Interior Front
Enlisted I
Enlisted II
Enlisted III
Enlisted IV
Enlisted V
Officer I
Officer II
Officer III
Officer IV
Officer V

Enlisted Ranks


Enlisted ranks within the Exterior Front, known as Knights, play a crucial role in defending Enos against extraplanar threats. They undergo rigorous training and serve on the front-lines, utilizing their skills and expertise to protect Enos from external dangers.


Enlisted ranks within the Interior Front, known as Scribes, are responsible for countering intraplanar threats and maintaining stability within Enos. Enlisted members in this division contribute to intelligence gathering, investigation, and analysis, working towards identifying and countering threats that have taken root within Enos.


Exterior Front

  1. Knight Aspirant (KAS): The entry-level rank for enlisted members in the Exterior Front division. They undergo training and serve on the front-lines in various capacities to defend against extraplanar threats.

  2. Knight Guardian (KGR): Enlisted members who have demonstrated proficiency and dedication. They are responsible for protecting Enos against external threats and assisting higher-ranking members.

  3. Knight Lancer (KLA): Enlisted members who have gained further experience and expertise. They play a more active role in combating extraplanar threats and are skilled in various combat techniques.

  4. Knight Sentinel (KSN): Enlisted members with considerable experience and knowledge. They are entrusted with important missions and are skilled in defensive strategies and protecting Enos from external dangers.

  5. Knight Paragon (KPA): The highest rank among the enlisted members in the Exterior Front. They are elite fighters and serve as the vanguard in confronting and neutralizing extraplanar threats.


Interior Front

  1. Scribe Aspirant (SAS): The entry-level rank for enlisted members in the Interior Front division. They receive training in handling intraplanar threats and contribute to intelligence gathering and analysis.

  2. Scribe Guardian (SGR): Enlisted members who have proven their competence and dedication. They specialize in investigating and countering threats that have taken root within Enos.

  3. Scribe Lancer (SLA): Enlisted members with advanced skills in dealing with intraplanar threats. They actively engage in missions to suppress and eradicate dangerous situations.

  4. Scribe Sentinel (SSN): Enlisted members responsible for monitoring and responding to intraplanar threats. They work to prevent potential calamities and maintain stability within Enos.

  5. Scribe Paragon (SPA): The highest rank among the enlisted members in the Interior Front. They possess exceptional knowledge, skills, and leadership abilities to address critical intraplanar threats effectively.


Officer Ranks


Officers within the Exterior Front, known as Paladins, provide leadership and strategic coordination in defense against extraplanar threats. These officers possess extensive experience and tactical expertise, ensuring efficient coordination among enlisted members and the effective protection of Enos from external dangers.


Officers within the Interior Front, known as Inquisitors, hold a vital role in investigating and countering both intraplanar threats. They lead teams, conduct complex investigations, and gather intelligence to maintain security within Enos. These officers demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in analyzing threats, collaborating with other divisions, and developing strategic plans to safeguard Enos from all forms of dangers.


Exterior Front

  1. Paladin Sergeant (PSG): The entry-level officer rank. They lead squads of enlisted members and ensure efficient coordination and execution of missions. They are responsible for whatever areas they are assigned to by their direct report.

  2. Paladin Captain (PCA): Officers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. They oversee multiple squads, plan strategic operations, and provide guidance to enlisted members. They are responsible for areas within a country.

  3. Paladin Commander (PCO): Officers with extensive experience and tactical expertise. They command larger groups, coordinate complex missions, and make critical decisions on the battlefield. They are responsible for entire countries.

  4. Paladin General (PGN): Officers responsible for high-level strategic planning and coordination. They lead multiple units, manage resources, and develop overall defense strategies, and have authority over entire Grand Alliances.

  5. Paladin Overmost (POV): The highest officer rank within the Esper Front. They provide overall leadership, set the organization's direction, and have authority over the entire division.


Interior Front

  1. Inquisitor Sergeant (ISG): The entry-level officer rank among the Inquisitors. They lead teams in investigating and countering threats, gathering intelligence, and maintaining security. They are responsible for whatever areas they are assigned to by their direct report.

  2. Inquisitor Captain (ICA): Officers with advanced knowledge of intraplanar and extraplanar threats. They oversee multiple teams of Inquisitors, manage complex investigations, and ensure the organization's interests are protected. They are responsible for areas within a country.

  3. Inquisitor Commander (ICO): Officers who have demonstrated exceptional skills in analyzing and countering threats. They lead larger teams, collaborate with other divisions, and devise strategic plans. They are responsible for entire countries.

  4. Inquisitor General (IGN): Officers responsible for overseeing and directing the overall operations of the Inquisitor division. They develop and implement comprehensive counter-threat strategies and ensure the security of Enos, and have authority over entire Grand Alliances.

  5. Inquisitor Overmost (IOV): The highest rank among the Interior Front. They provide leadership for the entire division, and hold ultimate authority and responsibility for everything that happens within it.