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Hewitt's Vista

Located in a prime location just south of the Oberfell Pass connecting Nurik to Arnast, Hewitt's Vista has long been used as a major staging ground for Centuri Security forces. Its dragonsteel walls and gates existed long before Security set up residence here, but have served them well in defense.   The streets of the town, along with most of the older architecture, glistens almost blindingly in the daylight from the crystalline fragments embedded in the stark-white stonework. Most of the work in the city happens at night for this reason, as the fortress can be seen glowing from over the horizon during the day. Its gates are shut to outsiders during the hours of light, and only opened once the visibility improves to an agreeable level. Those that must work inside the fortress during the day wear thick, tinted goggles to help with sight, and Centurions are usually given this task, even though their eyesight is harmed in the same manner as any other humanoid's.   The city is ran by Security General Rosalyn Caskajaro, a member of the Defense Primarch's Advisory Committee. She commands all garrisons of Security Land forces in Nurik outside of Centurion's Isle itself, and is known as a brilliant logistical mind.  

The Crystal Mines

The massive crystal mines under the city were all but depleted when the Security forces moved in, and have since been converted into a storehouse for weapons, munitions, food, and other supplies. Parts of the mines have been sealed off due to occasional "workplace-related mishaps," but Security isn't telling what that entails, exactly.   Nevertheless, the mines contain the majority of the main operations of the Security forces stationed here, as it is possible to carry out operations day and night. The soft glow of the white crystal provides natural light in the caverns, along with a subtle warmth, keeping the cave at a comfortable level year-round.  

Non-Security Presence

There is little reason for a weary traveler to wander inside the town, not that Security would allow it. For those souls that need rest and respite, there is the Porter's Sip, a massive tavern outside of town. It's known for its eclectic decor and wonderful ale selection, mostly imported from Turian and aged in crystal-studded barrels.   There are no people living inside the fortress' gates that are not either Centuri Security, Esper Front, or Steward personnel. The few that live outside the gate are mostly traders, stablemasters, and others that serve and cater to wandering travelers.