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The moon of Kradul lay shattered in the sky, but sometimes its shards fall to Elturia. These shards will take root in the land where they land providing different effects on the region. They most commonly take the form of a mineral that seeps into the soil or rock and slowly grows as an ore. The material is quite sought after by blacksmiths, and is a key ingredient in producing the strongest of magical items found within Elturia. Kradore is most like working with silver, so it is not uncommon for the people to bring Kradore to Fot Sterkha or Erumalda for their famed silver smith to work on the material. The material is hard and seems to be slightly cold to the touch no matter the temperature. It also always seems to be reflecting a dim moonlight no matter the time of day.   

Known Magical Properties

With the proper preparation and enchantments, Kradore has been known to produce some of the following magical effects:   For Shields & Armor  
  • Produces a dim light at all times, or when the command word is spoken.
  • Lycanthropes attacks are repelled from the wearer.
  • In some few cases, robes made with a Kradore inlay are known to amplify the wearers magical capabilities.
  •   For Weapons  
  • Produce a silvery light when lycanthropes are near.
  • Lycanthropes are particularly weak to weapons made of Kradore.
  • On strikes of the weapon, foes sometimes feel the weight of a falling shard accompanied with a blinding light.


    Magesmiths of Elturia believe that there is still much to be learned of the material. Such as how does it react when used as a spell component, or what can be created when it is combined with other known magical substances. There are several ongoing experiments with the Reliquary currently. The great Nuranal Higans believes that there was a connection between the Kradore, the Obelisks found around Elturia, and the massive shards seen in the expanse. Though he sadly died before he could begin to research his hunch.
    Moonlight Silver
    Common State

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    Jan 18, 2024 05:55

    One question I always have with unique fantasy metals is can it be used with other metals to make an alloy? Would an alloy of steel and kradore be a better overall sword than kradore alone, or would the properties of the kradore be lost instead?   And since lycanthropes are mentioned and the material is linked to the moon in its origin story, is there a chance that some kradore artifacts would allow control ofer the lycanthrope transformation, allowing them to transform without a full moon?   I appreciate that you list out different properties for weapons and armor, I feel there is a lot more to explore with this material as time passes and technology advances in your world.

    Updated soon.
    Jan 21, 2024 15:31 by Aaron Burr

    Thanks for taking the time to read my article! These are some great questions I will have to think about, and some ideas that I will have to see if I can implement.   As an alloy goes, there may be a way to increase its effectiveness but since it is a new material, many smiths have not learned how to combine it with iron, or other metals quite yet. Though there are likely attempts, and that could be a big moment in the world if a blacksmith learns how to do this.   I hadn't thought about it but I absolutely love the idea of a special medallion or something of the like made with the material allowing a lycanthrope to have control over there transformations!

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