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One of two crossing points from the Fae Lands, Erumalda is one of the few true homes of the Elves within Elturia. Sitting under the boughs of their massive tree, the settlement shares it's name, translating to "Tree of Heaven." Located off the northern coast from the Alboldir Valley, Erumalda sits on the island of Erum. Its seclusion from the main land and geothermic activity have made their island the perfect place to call home. The village is rather small still, as the elves are recovering from the sundering. The village is broken up into two official sections. The Elturcross, which sits at the heart of the boughs of the great tree and the protectors of the city guard the dormant portal into the Fae Lands. Here is where the council of three make their homes, and meet to guide their people. There is also the Barakum, or what the locals refer to as the Roots, where a large portion of the citizens of the village live. There are also groups of elves that live out in the wilderness of Erum, wishing to have their privacy, and only coming into the village when they need something.
Even though Erumalda was founded nearly 150 years before the Hearth City of Aldhon, the elves have been slow to establish Erumalda for several reasons beside the fact thay they prefer to keep to themselves. Elves often move slower than the shorter lived races, often taking years to come to a decision on certain matters. Most of the current elves also do not want to build themselves up too quickly and be seen as a threat by the other forces in the area. The main reason however is the number of younger elves that still insist in participating in the custom of Yorm'ellắ. The elves that leave home sometimes never come back, wishing to forsake their previous way of living for the excitement of the world.

Governmnet: The village is lead by the Council of Three, the oldest members within Erumalda that still retain most of their memory. The oldest member of the council is Cyran Bellavi (he/they), a wizened elf that help lead their people to Elturia nearly 250 years ago after learning that the hero, Gilindrea Hellfast, had made the plane safe for their people. He acts as the defacto leader of his people, having the final say in most important decisions. Sylah Myrk (she/her), is the premier law bearer among Erumalda. Her charge on the council is to settle all disputes between families, and ensure the laws are administered fairly. Aeranan Dams is the diplomat of the council, he looks to the larger impact his people have on the world and how to interact with Ther Boldir and the Elturian Kingdom. He also keeps close tabs on the other settlements of elves throughout Elturia.
Defense: The Sylknights are a group of 8 powerful knights that have been blessed by the tree of Erumalda. They need no sleep and are imbued with the powers of nature. They are charged with seeing to the protection of Erumalda and enforcing its laws. Each knight is worth 50 men, but should they need help they can call upon the rangers that live in the surrounding lands.
Commerce: Erumalda does not engage in much trade, however, it is well known for its silver work. Other groups will pay a great deal of coin for one of Erumalda's silver swords or even a dish set.
Organizations: There are not many organizations within the town. There is a small temple that is dedicated to Elturia's young deities in order to appease them, however it does not see much use. Most trades are covered by sole proprietors and their apprentices. The only true organizations are the Sylknights, and the Reclaimers. The Reclaimers are a group of elves that meet and try to discuss ways for them to regain their lost anceastral memory.  


There is not much crime that occurs within Erumalda, merely disputes between families. There was a murder about 20 years prior, that is still the talk of the town, since the loss of an elvish life is to be avoided at all costs. There have been some spies sent into Erumalda to see if the settlment has any weakness, but the Sylknights always find them.  


The settlement lies within the boughs, or large roots of Erumalda. Food generally comes from the fruit of the great tree, local gardens, and hunters. Elves tend to avoid the taste fish for some reason. The settlement is broken up into two sections: Elturcross and Barakum.  


The important locations within Eltercross.

The Crossing: The dormant portal at the heart of the roots under Erumalda, where this group of elves crossed into Elturia from the Fae Lands. G'landir, leader of the Sylknights, stands here in constant vigil. He waits to sound the alarm if the portal becomes active, for at best more elves have found their way to haven or at worst a threat comes knocking.

K'thrin's Silver Works: Here K'thrin works with his various apprentices on the various works of silver the Archfae Syrandis requires of them. He is allowed to keep 3 pieces per year that he makes for the next 1500 years, and Syrandis takes the rest.

The Glenn: A large natural amphitheater, with seating of root and a stage of natural rocks. The council presents most of its public business hear, proclaiming laws, settling disputes, etc. The space is also used by the local theater troupes, both adult and youth groups.


  The important locations within Barakum.   The Trunks: The predominant neighborhood where most of the citizens live within Erumalda. Most of the houses were magically shaped from the roots of the great tree.

Sylthan's Bits and Bobs: A general store that caters to the members of the town as well as the few visitors that they get. Sylthan is a middle aged elf that is rather blaze about running his current shot, but feels as if he must do something. He suffers from always feeling like he is on the tip of remembering something, but just can't quite remember. Much like the rest of the elves.

The Root Cellar: The local tavern is run by one of the few non elves within Erumalda, Giri. A flighty forest gnome that enjoys a good cup of mead and a story, Giri's family were the only inhabitants of Erumalda before the elves came. She still likes to call it "Tall Bark," but she supposes the elves name is more appropriate.  

Erumalda Adventurs

Toll's come due (Any Level) Syrandis has come to collect what silver is owed to him but K'thrin has come up woefully short. K'thrin has 3 days to come up with the rest of the silver or a terrible price will be exacted up the village of Erumalda. K'thrin wants to avoid letting the entire village know to avoid mass panic, but he needs help and he has turned to the player characters. The players must devise a way to help K'thrin meet his quota. There is no hope of defeating Syrandis in combat (or K'thrin does not want this due to something in their deal with the Archfae) so the party must think of other ways to handle the problem. Perhaps the local silver vein has been overrun by some monster and it is a matter of raw materials. Perhaps some of K'thrin's apprentices have taken ill, and the players must find a rare herb to heal them. It is up to the players and GM to come up with a solution that fits their game.

The Portal Opens (High Level): The portal underneath Erumalda flashes to life as an elf comes through screaming. After getting them to calm down, the Sylknights learn of a large group of elves that are trying to cross into Elturia but they are being pursued by some terrible creature. If the players are not here already, a Sylknight comes to ask for their aid in this matter since they are sworn to stay on this side of the portal and protect Erumalda.


95% Elf, 5% other races.
Founding Date
150 B.F.
Alternative Name(s)
Root Glenn
Inhabitant Demonym

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