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Epilogue: Road to Justice trilogy

includes the XP Award for Moral Turpitude

General Summary

Jess Shire is going to marry Ian Williamson. Ian loved his mom but wants nothing more to do with his dad, so they are going to take the family name “Hulstone” which was Ian’s mother Inga’s maiden name.
They are not going to move back to Quilton's Rise. They are going to move into an apartment in Morodar with Jana Demay as their startup business partner.
They are going to start a jewelry-making business together, with Ian doing sales in the shop (which will be a blanket in the market, at first), Jess finding materials and assembling most of the items, and Jana carving beads (and sometimes using her beginner-level alchemy skills on them). Their plan is that, by the time Jana has gotten the family curse lifted, she will already be pretty good at carving fancy beads; and after a few years, with all three of them getting lessons where they can, Jana will already have a reputation to start her real career as a sculptor, while Jess and Ian will have made enough connections to keep interesting components coming in.
Jess is not going to be a Paladin of Lhundup but she will work hard, these next few years, at searching for a suitable paladin while she travels around creating trade alliances. Ian will help her by getting chatty with every new elven visitor to the Morodar marketplace.
Sally Demay is going to go back to Aquitaine with the SNAFU Guild . She will travel back to Morodar when Gringlebrush Faegon writes that he has figured out a cure for the curse. Morodar scares her. It is too loud, too busy, too urban. She does not know if she is going to be a mammal (human) or a reptile (medusa) when the curse lifts. She does know that she wants to be an enchantress. Gringlebrush says he is not the right teacher for her, but he sent her off with a few loaner books to study, and Sally asked Jana to buy her a few sturdy notebooks at the market … and a box of stationery, so they can write to each other every week.
This is the first time in their entire life that Sally and Jana have faced the world without any family.
Sir Borek Earthshield harangues the Forge of Augustin, particularly Father Frangell, into buying him a one-way ticket via griffin back to the Sheep’s Head Inn at Aylford, where most of his stuff still is.
When you are less than two days’ travel away from your arrival in Aquitaine, just about in time for the Swallowtail Festival, somebody notices that there is a glittery, crystalline orange chest in the back of a wagon. Hadn’t you meant to leave that in the Mage District of Morodar?
Marcos Galvos says:

Marcos had been lost in thought, taking apart the events of the past few days, if not weeks. This had been a busy trip. And yet, there was still no word of Chaliimriia.


The glint of sunlight turned orange in the corner of his eye dragged Marcos’ attention to the here and now. He stared at the chest while his mind struggled with two thoughts that competed with one another. They had left the thing behind in Morodar, yet there it was in the wagon.


He sighed. Only one word came to mind that seemed to satisfy that moment.


“Mudbuckets,” Marcos grumped then tried to figure how far a chest could actually be thrown by a catapult.


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Rewards Granted

Outcome: 4800 XP total / 1200 per PC
Knaqod 17 - 24, 578
Report Date
19 Feb 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Cover image: by CB Ash


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