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The Parable Of Hakushnuesh And The Archive

This document seems to detail some observable change in the habits of Minotaur(known otherwise as "hyndshivena") that purportedly started in a region that has since become The Blazescar.  


The "basin" mentioned is widely accepted to be Ferheart Basin, both because it's the most popular 'basin', and because the largest population of minotaurs coexist with orc-kind in the region.
With the severe, magically-induced change in the region once known as Shain Tymind, it's believed by many scholars that the archive mentioned in the story, if it ever truly existed, is caked in molten ash. The fate of the archivists, in turn, is unknown, but surely Keeana would have provided them foresight to move their deity's vaunted treasures from ground zero of the Dragon Purge.
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