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Hakon Morrigan

Hakon Morrigan (a.k.a. Wolfwing, The Royal protector)

"That day changed me forever. The voices still ring inside my head, beckoning me to worship some sort of strange deity and if i don"t comply with it, i get the worst nightmares of my life. I just want all of this to end and the voices to stop"   "Hakon, look at me. Whatever happens, I am here after all. You have me to confide in. I don"t want to lose you . You"ve protected me ever since i have ruled these lands. I should at the very least, pay back your services"   Queen Inarra Keras, talking to Hakon Morrigan about his recent nightmares"
Hakon Morrigan is the captain of the Tenebrian royal guard, an order of handpicked warriors who accompany and fight besides the Tenebrian monarch wherever they are. A werewolf by birth, he was the eldest child of three amongst his parents, and their only son. He is famous for the wings that grow out of his back, giving rise to the name "Wolfing" by which he is most commonly known. Having served his Queen faithfully for centuries, Hakon has always been besides Inarra, and has sworn to protect her till his last dying breath.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

"A tall, slender and yet, very well built man, he towered a few inches above me, his broad shoulders and straight posture never curving. His eyes were like two rubies that were firmly fixed on mine. His night black hair ran down to his shoulders, looking like a river. As i approached him, he greeted me and opened the door and began accompanying me as i started the day with more fresh hope that he would protect me, no matter what
  Hakon is a tall, slender yet muscular man, with a few scars across his body. He has a sharp jawline that is generally clean shaved, though he is sometimes seen with some light stubble on it.

Facial Features

Hakon usually has a well shaped jawline, which is clean shaven for the most part. However, he sometimes dosen"t have the time to shave and occasionally, he can be seen with a bit of stubble growing on his cheek

Identifying Characteristics

Perhaps the most identifying feature about Hakon, besides his eyes is a scar on his neck, right besides the left side of his throat.

Special abilities

Wolfwings abilities

After being possessed by a strange entity, Hakon had attained several powers. This included his mastery over void magic, something which was thought to be just a myth by most people and dismissed as outright bogus by the different magical institutions and high ranking wizards across Elladia. By manipulating the very energies of the void, he can control reality to a certain extent, shoot blasts of it from his arms, shape it into different forms and even completely destroy the soul of a living being, though this usually takes much effort on his behalf to do. He can also fly due to the wings growing out of his back whenever he transforms into a werewolf, giving rise to the name "Wolfwing", which has become even more common than his own name.

Apparel & Accessories

When he is not guarding Inarra, he wears a casual cloak and shirt and walks around in a common, cheap trousers. He often walks barefoot when it is warm outside, as he finds shoes besides sandals to be quite uncomfortable for him.

Specialized Equipment

Whenever he is in a battle or protecting Inarra, he dons the plate armour of the royal guards, which practically makes him an unstoppable juggernaut. He carries an enormous Halberd, made of the finest steel and uses it to deadly effect against his enemies. He also carries a large greatsword as a complementary weapon to his halberd, as well as several smaller daggers on his pouches and pockets that he uses for throwing.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Birth and early life

Hakon was born around 9000 years after the formation of Tenebria, around the same time as future empress Inarra Keras. He was the eldest child and only son of Haytham and Galnara Morrigan, both also werewolves and members of the Tenebrian royal guard. As a child, Hakon would often get into fights with other children at school due to his short temper and rebelliousness. Despite this, he was also a deeply loyal friend and would lay his life down for the few people he truly loved, including his parents, siblings and the Queen herself. He also often loved to play pranks on people that he had arguments and quarrels with, something which had gotten him into trouble for more than one occasion   As he grew older, he took a keen interest in the arts of combat, often practicing for hours at a stretch with his fellow schoolmates. This, combined with his natural fighting abilities and penchant for violence earned him the notice of his superiors and after he had graduated from the academy at the age of 18, he enlisted into the Bloodfang legion, one of the most decorated regiments in the Tenebrian armed forces, determined to begin his service to the country and lay down his life if need be.  

Tenure with the Bloodfangs

"I still remember about my comrades in the regiment. They were my first family after i lost my family after all. We used to sing, cracked jokes around the campfire, play pranks, be idiots and have all sorts of fun. With them, i forged a bond that hasn"t been broken till this day."   Hakon, reminiscing about his time with the Bloodfang legion
When Hakon joined the Tenebrian armed forces, the The Great War was just in its early stages. His regiment had been sent to the continent of Laeria as part of the Tenebrian military expedition to help check the rapid Argonite advance across the continent. During his five year tenure, which saw the Argonite advance halted and a reclamation of some of the territories captured by the Argonites, he had rose rapidly through the ranks and earned many awards of gallantry. Moreover, his military exploits had earnt him the notice of his superiors, and they thought of inducting him into the Tenebrian Royal Guard, the personal guards of the Tenebrian monarch.   After being notified that he had the offer of becoming a member of the royal guard, Hakon had to think for a while. He had built up an incredibly strong bond with his comrades and didn"t want to leave them. But after his own comrades told him that the royal guard was a prestigious and honorable position and that he could still be in touch with them, he eventually decided to agree and embarked on the training to became a royal guardsman. After completing his training, he began another chapter of his life.  

Hakon the protector

" I do hereby pledge that I shall dedicate all my strength to keep her majesty safe, no matter who or what comes to harm her. I shall pledge that i will lay down my life for her, and fight till my last dying breath to protect her. Oh Nocturna, give me the strength and power to protect the queen, so that she may continue to lead our holy land."   Hakon, taking the oath of the royal guards before being inducted into their ranks
After the completion of his training, Hakon would be inducted into the royal guards, the most prestigious martial order in the entirety of Tenebria. For the first hundred or so years of his service with the royal guards , nothing of much importance happened . He would however gain much fame and respect from both the commonfolk and the queen herself, after saving her from an assassination attempt.  

The Assassination

"Hakon, do you remember that day? The day you saved me?   " Your majesty, the memories are still fresh in my mind. I remember that day vividly still"   You sacrificed so much for me, and i have not been able to pay it back still. I just want to say thank you. You are the most loyal companion I"ve had in my life, and i am glad that i could have such a kind and loyal person like you as a companion."   Inarra Keras, talking to Hakon about the assassination attempt on her that he had personally thwarted
One day, whilst Inaria was on a state visit to the Kingdom of Sanguinia, an assasination was attempted on her. The assassin managed to bypass all of her guards, before going in to stab her in the head. By virtue, Hakon was nearby and pushed her out of harms way, taking the wound himself. The stab had penetrated his armor and pierced deep into his flesh, stopping just short of his heart. Hakon then killed his adversary with his own weapon before collapsing due to the wound.   Hakon would be unconscious for a full three weeks, with his wound becoming infected by some sort of strange pathogen. The healers had tried their best to save him but after much struggle, they eventually told Inarra that they had failed to heal the infection and that he would die soon. To their amazement, Hakon had miraculously survived and the pathogen had died off, without any explanation. Everyone, including the queen and almost all of Tenebria had celebrated when they had heard the news of his recovery.   One day, Hakon woke up for the first time in weeks, and had found Inarra sitting besides him. She had immediately smiled after seeing him awake, causing him to do the same. After thanking him for saving her, Inarra told him to take a leave to recover and take some rest in his home. Hakon agreed and took a leave to recover.  

Becoming Wolfwing

After returning to Tenebria, Hakon was returning to his home one night after buying some groceries, still recovering from his wounds. Whilst on the way home, he met a strange, tall entity with glowing red eyes that blocked his path. When he tried to go past it, it suddenly began attacking him. Hakon transformed his werewolf form and tried to kill the creature but he was no match for its blinding speed and lethality. He eventually could not keep up anymore and collapsed on the ground. To his surprise, the creature did not finish him off, but rather possessed him and the last thing he remembered was hearing the entities voice before passing out.   After a several month long coma, he woke up again in a hospital, this time with Inarra by his side again. Inarra told him that she would stay with him until he recovered and do her best to protect him as well, due to the apparent threat to his life. Hakon told her that he felt that something was wrong and that throughout the time he was in a coma, he had suffered horrifying visions and nightmares, and was constantly tortured by a strange, malevolent being that was trying to corrupt him into doing his bidding. Inarra reassured him that she would try her best to save him at all costs, just as he had done to her. After a few more months, he had recovered from his bloody ordeal and began serving in the royal guards again.  

Discovering Powers

"You, you were different. I saw wings growing out of your back. Your eyes also turned red too. Whats causing all of that?"   "Believe me my majesty, even i don"t know. That foul creature that attacked me is still whispering inside of me. I guess that it might have something to do with that. For now though, your safety matters far more"   Hakon, talking to Inarra about the changes that happened to him when he fought in his werewolf form, to defend her after the diplomatic meeting
A few years after being back into duty with the royal guards, both The Sanguine Imperium and The Aegean Empire decided to call for a truce, after the war had ground down to a bloody deadlock for the last century with continuous back and forth fighting but no decisive outcome. At the meeting place, where the heads of state and government as well as high ranking people from both belligerent sides had come to meet to discuss a peace treaty, the meeting had gone south when some of the Argonite guards had again tried to assassinate Inarra and Alarius Christiansen, the then Emperor of the Sanguine Imperium. During the battle, Hakon transformed into his werewolf form again but this time, he was different. There were wings growing out of his back and his eyes glowed red. Moreover, he suddenly gained some new magical powers, something which he never had before since he didn"t practice magic at all or   After escaping back to their own territory, Inarra asked Hakon as to why he looked so different in his werewolf form. Hakon replied that even he did not know but suspected that the encounter with that creature had a role to play in it. He also told her that he could hear strange, sinister voices in his mind all the time and had nightmares of that strange entity whenever he slept. Inarra then decided to consult with her scholars and try to find out what exactly was happening to Hakon, but even they had no success in their endeavour. Hakon then told Inarra that there was no need to do that, and that he would take his own life if he felt he was going to be corrupted. Inarra however, told him that he would always be by his side and give her own life if need be, for him due to how loyal and kind he had been to him.   Ever since then, Hakon has served his Queen faithfully, doing his best to protect her. Over time, their relationship has only deepened and in these dark days, when sinister events are on the rise and even the gods cannot help, Inarra has Hakon to rely upon.

Personality Characteristics


Hakon does not have many motivations in his life. However, the few ones that he has, he sticks to them through thick and thin. Personally, he believes that his life"s goal is to protect his loved ones, the few people that have been kind to him and have journeyed with him throughout his life. He is also a deeply troubled person, due to the constant actions of the entity inside him mentally torturing him and trying to corrupt him and for this reason, he seeks companionship but due to his shyness and lack of experience in building trust, he fails most of the times and thus is a lonely person. Its one of the reasons why he is so loyal and kind to Inarra, due to her trust and kindness in him and her being by his side throughout most of his life.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Hakon is a very skilled warrior and fighter, often practicing with his comrades and reading up books on fighting and the martial arts. He is also an avid reader of military history, and is often intrigued by the tales of the warriors that came before him , both from his side and his opponents side.

Likes & Dislikes

Hakon loves everything that is connected to military or warfare. He always loves training with and inspecting new weapons, to get a better mastery of combat in general. As for dislikes, Hakon usually does not like people that are egotistical, as he believes that every human being, no matter how powerful they may be, are nothign in front of the gods

Virtues & Personality perks

The biggest virtue that Hakon has is his loyalty to those he serves. Being an introverted person and also someone who always feels alone, Hakon doggedly defends those people whom he loves. This is one of the reasons as to why he is so loyal to Inarra Keras, as she has been his closest companion throughout all his life.

Vices & Personality flaws

Hakons biggest flaw is his incredible insistence to use violence over rational thought for most of the times. Often, his violent attitude has gotten him into much trouble due to him disobeying orders from his superiors and even sometimes physically assaulting them. His hot headedness also makes him a bad strategic thinker, due to him often acting on his urges and not as to what actually should be done.


Social Aptitude

Hakon is a generally quite spoken man, often rarely speaking whenever he is in the public. He always has a brooding and sinister image, often appearing as more of a monster than any sort of sentient creature. Whenever he speaks to a person he does"nt know, he often tries to end the conversation as quickly as possible, avoiding small talk whenever he can. However, Hakon will reach out to people sometimes, especially with children.


Hakon Morrigan

Bodyguard (Vital)

Towards Inarra Keras




Inarra Keras

Protected (Vital)

Towards Hakon Morrigan





"Hakon, no matter what the others say, dont pay any heed to them. You are the best companion I"ve had in my life. I dont want you to go away"   Inarra, talking to Hakon
Hakon has a deep amount of respect, and some inklings of love for her as well. She has been the only one he could confide in for all his lifetime, besides his own parents. Due to her treating him kindly and just as an equal, as well as also having some slight love for him, Hakon doggedly defends her not out of duty but because of his love for her. She can always trust in Hakon, for in the dark times that will befall all of Elladia soon and everyone shall turn against each other, she knows that Hakon would always remain besides her

Hakon Morrigan

Rival (Trivial)

Towards Maximillian Christiansen




Maximillian Christiansen

Rival (Trivial)

Towards Hakon Morrigan





Maximillian has always kind of looked down upon Hakon for his non noble birth, often saying that he is of purer breed than him. This really angers Hakon , who cannot stand egotistical people and adding to the fact that both of them are great warriors, had created a fiery rivalry between them. Hakon is determined to prove to Maximillian that being noble does not mean that one is superior, and has gone to great lengths to show this. Over time however, they both grew to respect each other and despite their rivalry in the realm of who can be the better warrior still existing, it has become more of a friendly kind, whilst still keeping its intensity.


Hakon had studied in a high level Tenebrian warfare school, where he alongside many other students were bred to be natural warriors. Throughout his educational carrier, he had learnt many aspects of fighting and warfare on a tactical level, before graduating from the academy and joining the Bloodfang legion.  

Mental Trauma

Besides his feeling of loneliness, Hakon is often troubled by the voices of the entity that possessed him inside of his head. Oftentimes, he does not get much sleep due to the constant nightmares he has due to the influence of the entity. Despite all his tries, the entity has still not spared him, and constantly tries to corrupt him into doing his bidding. Despite all of this, Hakon still continues to serve his queen faithfully, promising to himself that he would take his own life if he falls into the corruption of that entity.  

Morality and Philosophy

Hakon strongly believes in the ideals of loyalty and kindness. He says that loyalty, after selflessness and forgiveness, is the greatest virtue that any intelligent being with a conscience can have. This has also lead to his intense disgust of traitors, whom he consider to be some of the worst people in the world, due to them breaking the trust that one person had put into them, thereby making the pain of their betrayal even more painful.  

Attitude with others

Hakon is a rather silent man, who prefers to not speak when there is no need. Whenever he is in a conversation with a person he does not know, or dosen"t want to converse with, he often tries to end the conversation as quickly as possible. Hakon however, has an incredibly soft spot for children, and he loves socialising and playing with them whenever he gets the time. He believes that children are the only innocent beings in this world and deserve love and kindness, so that they can grow up and be a better generation than those who came before them.
Current Location
Year of Birth
9000 AI 1000 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Cisgender Male heterosexual
Golden coloured before his posession. After he was possesed, he acquired Blood red eyes in both human and Werewolf forms
Long, sleek, raven black waist length hair
Skin Tone
Slightly pale
Quotes & Catchphrases
Below are some famous quotes from Hakon
"If anyone has even the slightest balls to try to murder the queen, let them come. I"ll cut whatever balls they have and hang it in front of them as a trophy before passing them over to the gods
"I swore to the gods themselves that i won"t let anything happen to her. I knew what i was doing when i took up this holy oath, and the queen has given me far more respect and love than any other person in my life. Thats why i admire her so much, and thats why i am ready to lay down my life to protect her, even if all the other guardsmen abandon her."
Aligned Organization

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Author's Notes

This article is still a gigantic WIP as of now. If you do have any critique on it, please do go gently and tell me what you liked about it too.

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22 Aug, 2019 07:53

Well written article Elias. Great use of quotes. I like the music as well, it really adds to the atmosphere of the character. The article covers just about anything one could want to know about Hakon.
I do think you can leave the facial features part out of the article though, since just above it you already mention his jawline. And I think that part is much better written. Perhaps explain his eyes there as well, with the change of color.
You have been very thorough, as you usually are, so I don't think there is much to add. But for a person so caught up in anything to do with warfare and fighting it might be an idea to give him something, perhaps a hobby or so, that has nothing to do with his main area of interest. That is totally up to you ofcourse.
Also, if he and Inarra love each other others might have discovered this. Even if they never acted on their love. Have there been rumors perhaps? How would they respond to them?
Who, besides Inarra, does he trust and respect?
I hope you can do something with this Elias. It's a great article even in its current WIP state. It can only become even more amazing!

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Another great article! I really enjoyed reading this and feel that Hakon is a well-formed character that has been great to get to know.   I would love to know more about werewolves and the general opinion of them - are they considered unnatural beasts or widely accepted? I assume accepted due to Hakon's rank and acceptance amongst most of his acquaintances and friends. How does one become a werewolf? Are they born as such, or transformed? Are you able to choose when you transform into werewolf form or is it something that happens as a reaction to intense emotion? (All of which would be great for a different article of course, apologies if this is already available or a work in progress)   What was Hakon's opinion of the Queen before he met her? I would love to read more about how their relationship first developed!   A werewolf with wings is awesome! As I was first reading this I was wanting to hear more about Hakon's encounter with the entity and am glad it was in there. My curiosity is sparked and want to know more about this entity too!   Overall, a great article and I look forward to reading more as it develops!