Shadra is the nation that the Shadrak, lizard people, reside in, that lies at the north of Orlend. It is home to the the Impassable Mountains, the mountain range which marks the border between Shadra and the rest of the continent.


The nation is currently a military Junta, ruled by General Scrazzor Orkhiner and his generals. This stemmed from King Jasef Tesi's death in the Battle of Sesilen in 1594. As Jasef had no son, and neglected to choose a successor, it was vague as to who would inherit the throne. There were two main claims to it, one by a Lord with a somewhat close blood relation to Jasef's father, the other being Jasef's best friend and military advisor, Scrazzor. As most of Shadra's eight legions remained loyal to him, the General ultimately took control of the country.   Shadra is divided into five provinces, formerly each controlled by a feudal lord with the central one ruled by the King, but now the central one is controlled by General Orkhiner whilst the remaining 4 are controlled by four of his eight Legates.



Shadraki individuals generally follow a naming system as follows: Given name-Patronymic-Family name-Optional acquired name.   A good example of this is Jasef Ornan Tesi the Red.


Shadra is a comparatively poor country, but still manages to keep a strong military.


The residents of Shadra, the Shadrak, came from Amera, a dimension about the size of a small nation they had fled to through created portals during the War of the Gods after suffering heavy losses at the hands of Demons and wishing to avoid near or total extinction. This dimension was entirely out of reach or perception on the last surviving god from the war, Kineva, until eventually the placement of the dimension shifted enough for it to be within Kineva's sphere of influence. They forcefully brought the Shadraki from Amera and placed them in the north of Orlend, forming Shadra.

Demography and Population

Shadra has a quite low population density, as Amera, the dimension that they came from, could only support so many people, and when they came to this world they spread out across the entire area over the mountains. The low fertility prevented much population growth. Because Shadra does not have native horses or other quick forms of land transport (the only commonly used mount being Bora), and the settlements are so sparsely placed, most of the affairs of settlements are handled privately, even with settlement specific laws.   The only real large city in Shadra is Karzaad, the capital in the centre of the county, in the center of which sits General Orkhiner's (formerly the King's) residence, dubbed the Grey Palace.


Shadra has a powerful military, enough to be a major superpower. This has led to criticism towards Jasef Tesi, the last King of Shadra until his death in 1594 and the subsequent coup the following year, as to why he is spending so much money on the military, when there doesn’t seem to be much need, and when the economy is under strain.   The Shadraki military is divided into Eight Legions, each of which has both land and naval capability.   Shadraki weapons are very distinctive, with a unique style of sword not found anywhere else. Shadraki swords have asymmetrical crossguards, one side extending around four inches outwards and then up, forming a bar with which to trap enemy swords, the other side extending about three inches outwards, with a thin metal finger guard to make up for the short crossguard. Shadraki pikes also feature this trapping bar extending from the base of the spearhead.   These weapons are often forged from alloys incorporating Kakellium, a rare metal found almost exclusively in Shadra known for its strength and density.   While the current degree of militarisation is new, Shadra has always had a history of it, having emerged from a defensive culture around protection from the Cordaint Empire. Indeed, Shadra has been in some form of military conflict for almost the entire period since 1506.

Technological Level

Shadraki teleportation magic is the finest in the world, and they have an unparalleled understanding of Magical Distribution. They use leylines to transport themselves, able to move large numbers of people from one leyline intersection to another. They do not require any infrastructure at their destination, but a Mana Capture Array is usually required in order to gain the magical energy necessary for teleportation.

Foreign Relations

Shadra has poor relations at best with other nations, following a fairly isolationist philosophy. It has recently ended a trade agreement with the Kingdom of Erdantia, after king Jasef accused Erdantia of espionage (accusations that were, to be fair, very much correct), Jasef then deciding to end the trade deal. Shadra has very shaky relations with Eseris, and if it were not for the sheer distance between them, they would probably have gone to war far sooner. Shadra has trade deals with Yannurrin and Gaen. Shadra acted a supporter of Gaen in the War of Eserae.

Agriculture & Industry

Shadra is the only nation with deposits of kakellium, which are found in the Impassable Mountains. The soil is quite infertile, and as such is unfit for farming in the winter months, and once many died each winter. The Shadraki had become accustomed to rain that brought nutrients with it in Amera. Trade relations were set up with other nations, bringing in food in exchange for rune, and the starvation stopped.

Trade & Transport

Shadrak trades entirely by sea, as the Impassable Mountains have no flat area to build roads, and taking a cart or even a horse over would be nigh-on impossible.   Shadraki teleportation magic is advanced, although rarely used outside of a military role.


Shadra's infrastructure is fairly basic in most places, with the exception of Karzaad, which is quite well-developed.
Geopolitical, Country
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
The Cami
Major Exports
Shadow is the only known area in Elemaran (save for a small island on the tip of the Peninsula of Erdantia) with deposits of Kakellium, which it exports in moderate quantities.
Major Imports
In the winter months, Shadra used to import food from the nations of Yannurrin, Gaen, and Erdantia. It has recently ended trade deals with Erdantia. This is considered by many to be a bad move, as it has sent Shadra into a period of famine during winter.
Legislative Body
The King writes universal laws, while settlement specific laws are written by the ruler of that settlement (although they can be overridden or rewritten by the king, which has happened on numerous occasions). Most universal acts and statutes have, specified within the document itself, whether it or specific parts of it can be overridden or undermined by local law.
Judicial Body
Each settlement has a person who is responsible for memorising both the universal and local laws of that area. These people are known as Kreesei, or law-scholars. These people give the final verdict on sentences. If the proposed punishment is incarceration, banishment, or execution, then a further three people in the settlement must be informed of the situation and the laws involved, and asked to act as Jury (although they cannot give a verdict on whether or not the defendant is guilty). If the majority of these people agree with the punishment, then the punishment is carried out. If not, then the people agree on a different punishment, and the Kreesei may be fined if all three of the jury propose it. In larger settlements, such as cities, there can be multiple Kreesei, and in Karzaad, the capital, there are seventy. In smaller settlements, it is typical for Kreesei to have other jobs, only acting as Kreesei when needed.
Notable Members


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