Eseris is a nation that lies to the south of the Kingdom of Erdantia, Eseris is a theocracy, ruled by the religion Supradia. It is the home of the Elves, and the dominant ethnic group are Eserisians.


The nation is ruled by King Ethenirep, who resides in Elnem, the master province. The lords all take up various other provinces. Each province is largely independent. This independence, which has been growing in recent years, has led to a gap in motives, which has caused many of the provinces to come to friction. One of the provinces, Kesenel, has split from Eseris and fought on the opposite side in the War of Eserae.


Although it’s residents are comparatively wealthy, Eseris has a quite small military. However, the military is fast growing.


The residents of Eseris stemmed from survivors of the Orcish invasion of Syndal. They fled by boat, as they had developed advanced seafaring technology, landing in a fertile area on Orlend not yet annexed by the Cordaint Empire.


Eseris has a small, but rapidly expanding military. It’s footsoldiers typically use a small, maneuverable spear called an Emiret, as well as bows. Eserisian military technology stems mainly from repurposed hunting weapons, such as hunting bows and thrown spears. Prior to Baul Carnago's invasion of Syndal, there was no real purpose for military technology, and when Orcish forces arrived, weapons had to be converted from whatever was available.


The religion of Supradia has huge political power over the country, with the High Priest ruling the country (in Erdantine, the ruler can be referred to as High Priest or King depending on whether it is a religious or political context, but in Eserisk it is a single word).

Foreign Relations

Eseris has good relations with the Kingdom of Erdantia, and generally keeps good terms with those around it. It has always had very shaky relations with Shadra, and the two have recently taken opposing sides in the War of Eserae, in which Eseris has taken part as a supporter of Erdantia.

Trade & Transport

Eseris engages in trade with the Kingdom of Erdantia, generally trading commodities such as fruit or dates with iron, wood, or copper from Erdantia.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
The main currency is the Selnep, and its denomination is the Epra (1/20 of a Selnep). Both are small bronze coins.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
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Controlled Territories
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