Their roots hailing from Syndal, Eserisians are most common in the nation of Eseris, after which they are named. They are part of the Syndalan family, an ethnic group of Elves which also includes Native Syndalans, the elven inhabitants of the Senestrian Plains, and the elven inhabitants of Aven.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

  • Learin
  • Arin
  • Celna

Masculine names

  • Efiel
  • Erel
  • Estevan
  • Miguel

Unisex names

  • Jamek (Equivalent to James)
  • Yira

Family names

  • Ethenirep (royalty)
  • Siek
  • Konnikos


Major language groups and dialects

Eserysians speak Eserisk, which is widespread across the area. Dialects of it are spoken in the Senestrian plains and Avenic Elves.

Common Dress code

It is considered unprofessional to conduct day-to-day business in clothing made for work, with Eserisians often changing clothes on arrival and departure at the workplace. This is more the case in nobility and freemen/craftsmen rather than peasants.

Art & Architecture

Columns and arches are commonplace in Eserisian architecture. Common materials are wood and marble. Buildings are typically quite short, most houses being of only a single floor, and large villas having around two floors.

Funerary and Memorial customs

See main article: Eserisian Funerals
Eserisian funerals have a system of burial, like their Erdantine neighbours, but that is largely where the similarities end. After burial, the seed of a Okarin, or Blood Tree. This tree will eventually grow, becoming the marker of a grave.

Common Taboos

Eserisians, being quite isolationist, tend to look down upon interracial marriages. Migration is typically seen as something to fear. This is not to say that Eserisians have any beliefs of superiority, but rather that they prefer people to keep to their birth nations. That said, these marriages do exist, and can even flourish. (case in point, the Spinner Family).

Common Myths and Legends

The elves have a strong belief in the War of the Gods.


Beauty Ideals

Elves place value on the height of people of either sex, it being a sexual selection characteristic of them.

Relationship Ideals

It is common for Eserisians to have a very small group of close friends, rather than large networks of less-close friends. Loyalty is valued highly.
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