The Spinner Family

"You always grow to hate the temple-supporters, up in their ivory tower. Not the Spinners. They always give what they get, helping out those in need. Why can't everyone be like that?
— S
The Spinner Family is one of the wealthy families that support the Temple of Ersola, the biggest place of worship for Supradia. The Spinner Family has several notable members, including Jay Spinner, the reincarnation of the god Ersola and known for carrying out the assassination of Emperor Baul Carnago, the ruler of Syndal (although Jay has since distanced himself from the family due to his aversion to the Temple of Ersola). The current head of the family is Sparrow Spinner. The family descends from a group of Mainland Erdantine immigrants living in Eseris, who were gifted land by the Temple of Ersola after Efiel Spinner saved the High Priest from assassination by a group of insurgents. The Spinner Family run a monopoly in wheat and lumber for villages southwest of Sesilen, as these villages produce few commodities other than fish. Their main residence and source of income is the Spinner Estate, although they also own a large townhouse in the capital of Eseris, Sesilen, in which they stay the night when conducting affairs there.


A family head is chosen to lead all decisions for the family. The current head is Sparrow Spinner, the successor to Ezeh Spinner. The family employ several labourers to work on the farm, which any family member has authority over.

Public Agenda

On the whole, the Spinner Family are very popular among their sphere of influence in the southwest of Sesilen, being regarded as almost humanitarian in nature, a reputation stemming from the large amount of support they give to the poor. In the community, they are given reverence and respect like that of a lord, despite the fact that they have no real authority outside their estate.


The family are very wealthy, owning twenty horses, an estate, a large townhouse in Sesilen, and a small ship named Epera (Eserisk for harmony), usually found docked in Revellin, a major port city in Eseris.


The Spinner family descended from a group of Erdantine metalworkers and artificers who immigrated to Eseris in 1168. They were one of the first to be gifted land by the High Priest of Supradia, under the Sesilen Temple Housing Reclamation Act. They received this land after Efel Spinner , then the head of the Spinner household, saved the High Priest from assassination by Senestrian insurgents. They were gifted a large area of land to the southwest of Sesilen. In recent times, Sparrow Spinner, the head of the Spinners, seems to have attempted to return the family to its roots, investing in metalwork and artificing.
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  • Ezeh Spinner (Former head)
  • Efel Spinner (Former head)
  • Miguel Spinner
  • Ender Spinner


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