The Grand Kingdom of Gaen, typically just referred to as Gaen, was a nation north of the Long Mountains The monarch descended from Garlan Tyler, the illegitimate son of Ervan Tyler, the first king of the Kingdom of Erdantia.


The name Gaen, stems from Garlen, the name of the founder and first ruler, and the suffix -en, meaning ownership. Therefore, Gaen refers to "Garlan's land". After the defeat of the vast majority of Gaen's army in the Battle of Sesilen, Gaen was invaded and annexed by Erdantia.


The king reigns supreme of all areas between the cities, while the local lords command the cities and the surrounding villages, although the king can override any decision made by them.


The first king of Gaen was Garlan Tyler, the illegitimate elder son of King Ervan Tyler, the first king of Erdantia. Garlan was dissatisfied with his inability to inherit the throne, so he gathered a band of followers, known as the Blood Legion (although now the Blood Legion has a very different meaning), and took over from King Richard Tyler, who had since inherited the throne from King Ervan. Michael Tyler, the son of Richard, later took back land, pushing back Garlan's territory to a relatively small area over the Long Mountains. This eventually became Gaen.   There have been several small conflicts since Gaen's establishment, but eventually these subsided. The second-last Monarch of Gaen, Wilmot Tyler, made progress in attaining a peace deal, but this was largely undone by her son, Nicol Tyler, who increased political tensions and ultimately caused the War of Eserae which would end Gaen.


The territory that Gaen was placed on had limited recognition as belonging to Gaen, with Erdantia actively claiming ownership of the nation's land.


Gaen's military is divided into the army, who exclusively fight wars, and the Noble Order, who keep peace within Gaen as well as acting as elite soldiers. Gaen is currently fighting in the War of Eserae, fighting mostly against the Kingdom of Thorn, Aven, and Silnear.

Foreign Relations

Gaen is currently at war with all of the nations that border it. However, it has several alliances with other nations, including Shadra, the Duchy of Atlin, and Syndal.
Dissolution Date
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
The currency used is Centhians, the same currency as Thorn.
Major Exports
Until the start of the War of Eserae, in which they became enemies, Gaen had been exporting grain and other food items to the city-state of Silnear.
Legislative Body
The King decides on and passes all laws in Gaen, while the Noble Order decides on the protocol governing how they can be enforced, although this can be overridden by the king, and these protocols only apply to the militias, not the Noble Order itself.
Judicial Body
The Noble Order acts as the judicial body, although, again, decisions can be overridden by the king. Inside of land owned by a lord, militias hired by the lord take care of lesser crimes, although they have to follow rules set by the Noble Order.
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities


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