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Sea Fox

Sea Fox are cute little foxes that live in the Majestic Falls . They are water fox that are cute and friendly to most.

Basic Information


They have a fox like body four legs a tail that has a fin on it their feet or web with no toes. They have pointed play ear with a long mouth. Their fur when dry it is thin and soft. When the fur is wet it stick to the skin and fill very slick. it aloud to move faster in water and keep them warm

Biological Traits

They have the ability to breathe on air as an an fresh water. They are excellent swimmers both on top of it and under the water.

They have magical power of water they are able to shoot water streams at high velocity great bubbles create a water stream to slide on and immersed himself in a bubble that could reach a high defense.

Ecology and Habitats

The only places the seat foxes can be found in the Majestic Falls. They love living in freshwater environment and love traveling all throughout the cabinets.

Now the ones that do decide to go with someone do pretty well at surviving most places but have a hard time with dry hot areas. So make sure to have a lot of fresh water rests you

Dietary Needs and Habits

They all types of plants mostly like berries and sweet fruit they also eat small fish and other sea life like crabs in the stations.

Additional Information


They have try to make them into pet but they do not take to stay with people or live way from the fall or river. Even if you have the exact type of set up for them. So they give up on the idea of it but their are rear occasion. That the sea fox will decide to be with some and go with all over the world. What we could tell is that is they pick a person with a wave link that there aura resonate with. They will become a loyal companion and go with the person even to other side of the world

Average Intelligence

They animal intelligence but they seem to I have the ability to understand people very well and is there a store or a sense to tell if you're good or bad

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have your normal five senses, but they also have a two unique ones as well. They have naturally able to sense living creatures Aura. It more like they fell the wavelength of that aura of the person or creator. They can tell what type person it and the intension the person has. THis give them time to act before most people can do any think. The other is in water for about 60 radius around them. They can sense everything was in the water that every movement and every vibration understanding everything around it
30 years
Conservation Status
They are under the protection of Mythfall Kingdom . Being that they are only seem to be found here and are mystery to the area. They was a time when they tried to make into house pet it did go over well. So they are know being protect and aloud to movie around the kingdoms.
Average Height
One and a half foot tall
Average Weight
Around five or eight pounds
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
MostMost of is a shade of teal. The fur around their neck is exit of Gray and their webbed feet for a light blue
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Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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