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Omen Collection

Omen collection came from a powerful jewel that can see everything. it was broken and then turn into five legendary weapons. that give a person a power of time and more. but at a toll for them to pay. also something is looking for these Omen.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Omen crystal AKK (seeing crystal) is a vibrant deep dark purple crystal that had two points on each end in the Oval shape with hexadecimal many marks on it and inside the center an eye looking piece. Supposedly has the power to see into the past into the future all over the world multiple outcomes and multiple possibilities. Seeing off even to a distance like it was right in front of you. but it also seems to attract unwanted attention no matter where it goes.   Sword of Omen is a red Crimson long sword the hilt curves at a side angle. With its hilt curve in reverse coming around and the center of the hilt is one of the tools of omen that has the eye part and three little fragments of it. It has the power to create lightning and Thunder strikes as it is cutting down its foes. it also can bestow the wielder the ability to see far distance depending on how much magical energy is put into it. At times when you're using it's farsighted, it might not show you what you want to see but what it's going to show you. So take heed of what it does show you. now warning when using it. if you are not strong will or concentrating correctly you could very much suffer from dizziness and not serve your location. This feeling will take a long time to go away. When using Far Sight you are able to see the aura and pass illusions.   Bow of Omen is the red bow with Spikes coming out of the close front of the bow. With rigid blades at the end of the bow. Where the handle connects to the bow are the pieces of omen crystal, two rings above and below the handle. The bow creates wind tunnels to shoot the arrow into them. Turn the arrows into high-velocity projectiles as the wind surrounds it. With his second ability arrow site where you are able to see and move the arrow, you can create the wind tunnels to move the arrow around. Even is already launched redirecting it moving it to where you want and you will be able to have six active arrows at a time meaning you can see from all six arrows. After using this ability lot your body might start seeing double. Keep using it will become permanent.   Staff Area of Omen is a red Crimson staff with several designs on it. It has 2 feathers hanging from the top of what looks to be the omen jewel on the very tips of each side and in the middle of a bunch of interlacing lines. It has the ability to shoot and create Sand. It even can make a sandstorm. and its other ability is called zona time it creates a zone depending on how much magical energy you use. Will tell how big it will be or how far back in time you can go watch what happened in that zone. You need to be careful because as you're watching is still draining your magical energy and will keep going until you stop it but the weaker you hard the hard be to stop. Until suck you dry.   Scythe Of Omen is a simple long red handle with three's skull-looking gyms in it that are made of Opal. It has a Crimson blade and on top of that are two pieces of the crystal of omen. With every swing of this blade sends out a spirits wave cutting them open draining off a little bit of their physical energy. It lets the wielder see how something will die if touched by the scythe. When it physically cut into someone. It will show that person how they will die. But be careful wielding this weapon, because it does show you how you will die every night you sleep if you used it that day. The dream is so real and vivid it has a possible chance to drive you mad.   Dagger Of Omenn is they've read square pointed dagger at each point of the blade has a piece of the crystal omen. The hilt has binding on it and comes down into a pommel that is a square. The dagger's special ability it can locate what the will truly desire. It will show you the direction that whatever it is you want it. Its second ability is to show some of the passes of items you touch. But relying on the dagger too much. will get you losses. You won't know where you are. Your sense of direction and time will be lost. You will feel lose and confused for many moons.  


  1. Sword Of omen With the Pack leader Ichi in the Kindom of Leto. Given to next Pack leader
  2. Bow Omen is rummor to be in groupĀ 


The legend of the Omen weapons was originally a Seeing crystal that a created by a covenant of Fox folk Witch. They made deal with a creature from another realm. By sacrificing all five of their left eyes. There will be given the power to see everything. They will be able to see any place anytime and anything. It wasn't long until the locals caught wind of this and want to take out the covenant. but thanks to the crystal they saw it coming and we're able to avoid calamity. This kept happening time and time again. Every time they would get a new home and settle in. then for some odd reason, some unforeseen trouble or calamity would come for the covenant. Until one day when they could not stop it. This group of unknown assailants came upon them. They had attacked them and four of the five were killed. In the midst of the fight, the crystal was shattered. when it was shattered it gave it image to the last witch had something grave was after it. She grabbed the shattered pieces and ran for dear life. now on the run Luckily, she wasn't alone because of the friends she's made and her lover beside her. Decided to travel with her to keep her safe. The lover was Irffit who was great at forging weapons. Decided to turn the seeing Crystal that the entity shaped into weapons. What they were made for and they all would active. When trouble with nearby. thanks to the scene crystals. they became known as the omen weapon collections in the seeing crystal became known as the omen crystal. these weapons have built their own legacy And nightmares. for all we know the witch and her party lived a happy life of fear and violence always on the move all is looking out. Now several millennia later the weapons are scattered around the world
There is only one of Each Weapon That A Bow, Staff, Dagger Scythe , Sword
Base Price
Priceless ancient artifact
Raw materials & Components
It made and Enchant using Crimchent for the base. The Omen crystal (Seeing Crystal) to use access is power. White Opal on some them

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