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Crimchent (Crim-CH-int)

Deep Crimson red ore that will turn anything you forge an enchant into the next level of itself.


Material Characteristics

First found is covered with rocks is a glow-in a deep red piece of metal. Almost looks like a gem or lay line crystal. When remove and then it's cools down the glow goes away but the deep red still there almost looks like the rock is bleeding. And its refined form of the sheet of metal that is a deep red with a nice smooth and clean finish almost like a pool red syrup

Physical & Chemical Properties

So it's harder than steel but weaker than Tuscan. Now its true quality shines in that it has a unique ability to enhance magical energy and amplify it and control it better. You basically have to program the metal with the enchantment or a magical item and it will take on that property amplifying it. When you make a flaming sword it will increase the fire output and even last longer. Maybe even shine brighter depending on how you do the enchantment and forge the sword. The downside to this is once it takes on an enchantment you can't reforge it or add anything onto it. it doesn't seem to take well to channeling magic into it you have to build it into the metal.

Geology & Geography

It is located near hot pockets of magma under the earth near Lay line point. Normally the area is very high pressure. So, when your mining you cause a release of pressure where magma starts spilling everywhere.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The most common use for this is to build enchanted weapons. to increase the ability and output of the weapon. Do you make magical items occasionally and rarely make magical armors.

Manufacturing & Products

Now for the weapon or any magical item, you're going to use this metal to make. Both the enchantment conductor and the body of the weapon must be made of it. The magical mixture for laying the enchantment can be mixed with other stuff, but it definitely has to have it in there. Also, the weapon must be made of 80% of it. the reasoning is if you just make the enchantment out of it it will break the weapon because it has too much output. If you make a weapon with metal and not the enchantment without it. It seems to have a weaker connection to it like it's not merging right.
25,000GP that will get enough ore for one longsword and enchantment
Ultra Rare
Deep Crimson red
Boiling / Condensation Point
6,498 F
Melting / Freezing Point
4,087 F
So where between steal and tungsten
Common State

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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