Reensteyn Prophecies

The Reensteyn Prophecies are a collection of multiple visions the infamous Divine Soothsayer Eliza Reensteyn made during her life. All of her prophecies are made from the perspective of either Zecod himself or of his loyal, fanatic folowers.   The main twenty one prophecies of Darkness, were written down by Eliza Reensteyn herself and for unclear reasons, she also included a collection of additional seventeen dark prophecies of the old times. Many of those had been unknown to the world until Eliza decided to publish them.   The text has been declared a heretic text throughout most nations, including Caramiza yet still many copies have been found throughout the years. The churches are generally worried about many prophecies calling for unrest, brutal murders or terrible catastrophies - one of which being the ultimate release and return of the evil deity zecod himself.   Of the twenty one prophecies it appears that seventeen have come to fruition after Eliza's death. Church's Scholars dabet about three additional prophecies, if certain events can be ascribed to these predictions.   There was one prophecy about the destruction of a larger temple of Apac in Bealuki that should have come true a few years ago. However, it was possible to prevent the chain of events that would have caused a cataclysmic explosion of magic next to the building.   It is unknown, how much truth the ancient prophecies hold. Some scholars believe evidence some prophecies have been written after the events they claim to describe. Most think they are meant to give context to Eliza's actual prophecies.


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