You would think that the best way to punish a god, to bend his will and to render him powerless, would be simply to strip away his powers so he will find humility. You might tell me, falling from power would humble him in ways fit for his crimes. The fact of the matter is, however, that you cannot take away the power of a god, once he achieved it. Once the divine is understood, even taken away for the moment, he could have always filled in the gaps.
  Nihilipotence describes the state of a deity that was forced into adopting the domain of nothingness in an attempt to imprison them and seal their power away. Initially thought of as the direct opposite of omnipotence, Nihilipotence was in fact the power over the concept of nothing at all, leaving the deity unable to directly interact with things, be heard, felt, or otherwise perceived. But you should look closer!
Did they not betray you as well?  

Method of Banishment for a dark god

This was reportedly the method the gods of the Great Pantheon subdued Zecod after his fall and locked him into the comet Zecod's Tear. This comet is said to be made of Zecodium, a mysterious element that is able to contain divine power of any kind. Nothing can ever be completely contained!   While the domain makes a deity apparently unable to interact with the world directly, the concept of Nothing still exists. Nothingness is the gap as the absence of things, the darkness as the absence of light but also the light as the absence of darkness. Philosophers and priests have long debated, that interacting with the nothingness of the world could actually enable a deity to cause desired effects. And I desire so much to return!   Every return of Zecod's Tear, this effect of concepts or things going missing, even for a while, seem to strengthen throughout the world. It is seen as the direct cause of the common Tearfall Mood of people during the days of the tearfall. You are just closer to me, then.   Zecod's followers believe to be able to see glimpses of their deity in the things that are apparently missing in the world. Nothing is gone, just with me!   The Priests fear they are correct.   Indeed they are!
Forced Upon by other gods
So far, Unique

Known Affected Dieties

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