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"We are the stone upon which waves of the world crash. Despite its ferocity, the waves will recede before our stone collapses." - Tortle maxim, author unknown, 3rd Cycle
One of oldest sentient races in Ekal, centuries of abuse and persecution have dwindled tortle populations to the point of near extinction. With a slow reproductive cycle threatened by violent massacres like the Sunken God's reign of terror in 897 of the 4th Cycle, surviving tribes of tortles have turned inwards to isolate themselves from the violence of the outside world.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • The largest surviving tortle tribes exist in the islands near the kuo-toa city of Oridelfa. Ruled by the Elflands Empire for thousands of years, the tribes fell under the control of the human nation of Sardivelia in 898 of the 4th Cycle. A small fund was established by the Sardivelian government to protect the surviving tortle communities, but some worry that the fund is too little too late.
  • Small bands of tortles have sought haven in the Lotan Conservation, a kingdom-sized nature reserve defended by a well-trained army of blue dragonborn. These tortles have set up a small community in the coastal town of Argenthrix, forming close ties with the merfolk and peaceful sahuagin who dwell in its waters. 
250 yrs.
Proliferation: Very Rare   Stats/Rules: 3rd Party


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